More book reviews – Extra Extra! Abe Lincoln Slays Vampires!

Abraham-Lincoln-Vampire-HunterAbraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

by Seth Grahame-Smith:

As with all my book reviews, I don’t really get into the book so much as simply try and persuade you to pick it up based on my word.

All that being said, I started by watching the movie and it was politely and mildly entertaining.  It stuck to the Hollywood cookie cutter routine and was novel in that it brought together history and Vampires and honstly, who am I to say that it didnt happen.  Goodness to read a history book in high school and then to actually learn about what I read, nothing could be farther form the truth, so who knows.

What I do know is that I started the book on the recommendation of friends in La Paz with a fair bit of trepidation and only out of need to be reading and not having any other recourse in which to sink my eyes and mind.

I cannot thank the gods enough for seeing fit to have this book at hand.  Upon reading the first three pages, the divergence from the movie was astounding and in all honesty and truth at the risk of being an exaggerating fool, I literally could not put this book down.  I carried it everywhere during my impromptu road trip with my good friend Jeff.  Literally EVERYWHERE.  From the moments in betwixt ordering my vegan sushi and its arrival in front of me, a few pages, of to the lou to let the sushi go back to nature, couple pages.  Absolutely intriguing, totally believable and fantastically written.

Thank you Mr. Grahame-Smith!