James Bond Back in Action! Book review=]

James bond back in action novelI am oft times at odds with new writers taking over a character that I have not only come to love, but in fact have come to do my very best to actually live out their virtues and apply them in my daily life.  I am not of course speaking about taking out men with practiced judo chops, nor the disarming at the last minute of potentially civilization altering devices, no I speak more to the courage, the calm under pressure and the general ninjaness of it all.

Mr. Gardner has managed to completely take the Bond ideal and make it real.  This book contains three novels and at the end of reading them, which came about very quickly as the writing was so engrossing, you feel as though you are not only a member of MI6, but a most valuable fly on the wall.  It is not often that I mentally scream out to the characters in a book to watch out, nor do I awaken int he middle of the night to read a few pages. With this book, I have been at it again.  Fantastic, from the gadgets, to the weaponry, arch villains, ladies, gambling, exotic locals, torture and everything yu could hope for in a Bond novel, even the little things, the morning workouts, thoughts in bonds head, music he loves and thoughts of movies he once saw that remind him of the moment. A masteful work if you love 007!