A Mr. Christopher Moore and his Dirty Job – BookS!


a dirty job by Christopher MooreI love comedy quite simply because I love to laugh.  I have been finding it harder and harder for me to laugh as many things geared towards said subject, laughing, are getting more and more, simplistically stupid in an effort to appeal to the masses which are now keenly used to the flicker effect of TV and a general ignorance which is becoming so all pervasive that people now oft times refer to themselves as sheep.  Good God indeed!

Thankfully, Mr. Moore is not amongst this ever burgeoning crowd of ner do wells and is in fact one of the few writers, THAT I KNOW OF, I dont even pretend to have a clue as to the literary genius that I am sure I am missing out on.  Ahem.  As for what I do know, this man is a near genius in his ability to get me to laugh out loud.  Which is always such a fun experience both in the fact it feels great and if done i a crowded coffee shop always draws looks ranging from surprised expectation to down right ire.

This particluar book focuses on a topic near and dear to anyone reading this – DEATH.  Beyond that, as usually, trust me and now go find out for yourself.  From the Hounds of Hell, to animated squirrel corpses, this will provide you with a brief respite from the tedium of life and perhaps even get you to review said tedium in a whole new light, for the tedium, no matter who you are, comes with a guaranteed end of which you will never know of until that very moment=]  Aloha!