Top Zombie Flick Picks to help you prepare for when GMO foods finally go really bad…

This isnt set up in the order of greatest to least nor is alphabetical or based on any real system that I can think of=]

Juan of the Dead –

This is a fantastically made film that I saw when hanging out in La Paz with friends, they went out partying, I stayed in and watched this film.  Really well written, set in Cuba with a subtle, engaging, and silly way that is perfect and doesnt put me off.

The Horde –

Set in France and ergo made by the French, this is one of our favorite movies in so far as being one of the most realistic, showing the span of emotion and intricacies that many zombie flicks neglect to show, and yet, when we see them, you realize how they make the movie So much more believable.  A home run of a movie.  The link below is the ENTIRE FILM on Youtube, to which we, nor the dude who uploaded it own or claim any rights to anything regarding it, or the country France, or French people or anything really.

Resident Evil series-

At first I wasnt totally drawn to the whole Video game cum movie genre and then I ended up at a very rad young ladies house in Cape Girardeaux Missouri.  On this particular day I was totally not into going out nor doing much of anything, after a quick scan of the available DVD’s I had to choose from, I decided to go with Resident Evil One as it was the only real action based movie that I hadnt already viewed.  Many hours later I had watched 1-3 and was sold.  While the effects SOMEtimes come off as a bit unrealistic, overall, the job they have done is surprisingly good as the movies really do draw you in and the premise of the film is solid enough that after a while, it becomes more a how to survive what is coming rather than a simple flight of fancy.

Have you ever considered the lengths the governments would go to get the Super Soldier or the ultimate biological weapon?  This is set on the central theme of the Umbrella Corporation which, like Mitsubishi and so many other corporations has its hands in everything, so much so it begins to act with impunity, i.e., it is a governing body unto itself.  From pharmaceuticals to cars to food to medicine and of course, as we see in the world today, to weapons manufacturing, reserach and design.  Currently, more money is spent on this than anything else known to man…  Sit on that for a bit and ask yourself how far fetched some sort of apocalypse is, as they say, “FOLLOW THE MONEY”, well, it all seems to lead to weapons and ergo, death.

As we all know that whatever can go wrong will, what are the odds that one of those experiments could easily get out of a lab, and given that everyone has a price, what are the odds that some cloak and dagger games would be the reason it got out of the lab.  Anyway, there are a million ideas of how it could happen and if we all prescribe to the idea that what we think will eventually manifest, what does that say for a near global uprising of Zombie Movies and the proliferation of Zombie everything, everywhere?  Hence this list of our favorites, it may end up being so much more than just entertainment!

Alos Milla Jovovich is super hot.

Dead Snow –

What a hoot, I saw this one with my good friend of many years Ray Newlin when we were hanging out at his place upon my return from Hawaii.  At first i was super skeptical, I mean, c’mon, Nazi Zombies and the college Co-eds…  But then there was a creepy forest man and some background story and all of a sudden I was stoked!

Zombieland –

What can I say.  Riddles with humor, Bill Murray in a sweet cameo with one of the greatest shots of smoking weed in cinema and a great performance by Woody Harrelson and that dude who i think is a sweet actor but i always forget his name but if you watch the clip you’ll know who I mean=]

28 Days Later –

I saw this one with my good buddy Pete and his then fiance and now wife and my second wife.  I couldn’t pee comfortably in the middle of the night for two weeks following seeing this movie.  I could even be scared by someone sneaking up behind me and say BOO!, for roughly three days following.  The big deal for me with this movie is it was the first, to my knowledge, to introduce the “Fast” and hyper aggressive zombie, which, when taken in context, completely screws with my ninja skills when I am mentally chopping heads and saving the day…

World War Z – coming June 2013

Brad Pitt in what seems to be a zombie Epic.

AMC’s The Walking Dead

While this is not a movie, but a series, it must have inclusion as it is simply that rad and may be very worthwhile for those of you wanting to survive the upcoming apocalypse.  Lots of things you dont even realize you need to think about…=]