Almost time to go…. again

Its almost time to get back on my bike and start spinnin out some kilometers.  I look forward to what lies ahead at the same time I feel a trepidation creeping over me as I have come upon some realizations that Ill share with the few of you who are interested.

For one, I am now lost in a way.  Maybe better say I have lost the way I felt I should follow. I started this ride while living on the Island of Hawaii.  Monsanto was doing thier thing there and I wanted to try and find a way to spread, Im not sure if truth is the right word as everyman has his or her own truths whcih they will defend with a vigor, so we´ll say an eye opening tour.

Sadly the only eyes I seem to have opened are my own, which I guess isnt a bad thing, its just, well, here I am, keep reading…

I wanted to make a change in the world, i wanted to be some kind of knight on his valiant steed, instead I see I am nothing more than Don Quixote and I dont even have the wherewithall to take on a Windmill let alone something of substance like a Monsanto…

It hit me with this most recent election, you know the one where the USA missed damnation and hellfire by not electing Romney or was it not electing Obama?

Now it wasnt the person delegated to be the spokesperson for the Corporate interests that speaks to us on TV that had me primed and ready for this electorial year, it was proposition 37.  For me, this was to be a litmus test, not only for us as consumers, but as human beings, further, in my mind, it would serve to be a clear warning shot over the bow of all things bright and beautiful in relation to what Corporate interests think about US:

Fuck me running through a field of daisies.  That the mere labeling of food, which seems to already fall into a non sequitur category before we even have to go further, brought out an amazing spectacle.  Companies spent upwards of 46 MILLION dollars on advertising and false information claims to help ensure that we the people, would have no clue if GMOs are in our foods.

In a world which is hellbent on labeling damn near everything to the point of absurdity, why now no labeling.  Why is it even up for a vote, WHY ARE OTHER HUMAN BEINGS VOTING AGAINST THE ADDITION OF TWO WORDS ON THIER PRODUCT PACKAGING – Contains GMO´s.

That was it, thats what the fuss is about, wether or not you get to read that when you buy a product.

So it got me thinking on a few different tracks…

A.  The companies that produce and make us of GMO’s in thier foods must be so numerous that the mere labeling of them may actually cause a panic in the supermarket, vis-a-vis, cause some real change to happen.  Many of you may not realize that GMO is not only speaking to the corn/soy/wheat which makes up about 70 percent of the average US citizens meal, BUT, all of a sudden you would be seeing GMo labels in the fruits and veggies section, not that that would affect most of the US population too badly, BUT, the Dairy and MEAT sections would be labeled as well.  Here all along you thought it was just that factory farming is a cruel and ridiculously evil way to get your burgers, no no no mi amigo, there is much more than meets the eye with that Holstein you are about to wolf down!

B.  Based on the above, the people buying the foods are just as willing to not know as those that are selling wish them to be.  No one wants to change thier lives it appears, to the point that they vote to have help remaining purposefully ignorant.  Doesnt bode well for sweeping change and all of us turngin into butterflies or beings of light or whatever is supposed to happen when the final tick of the Mayan Clock tocks on Dec. 21st 2012.

c.  The biggest realization is the one that I had known all along and was simply too scared to admit and to realize.  I have fallen for one of the biggest blunders of man.  Living in a civilization and upon the realization that it is not what I want, instead of changing me, I seek to change it.  Thats not going to happen. If I want a life of peace and tranquility, clean water and clean air, good food and wholesome company, it must be found.  It exists, I simply need to find where I can fit into to it.  I have already convinced myself of the evils inherent in living in todays society and civilized culture, i just had not connected the dots of my bike ride as, perhaps, I am self analyzing now, so, god help me in this, as a last ditch effort to stay IN society while allowing myself to believe I am not a part of it.  One of the most unhealthy things a person could do to themsleves, no wonder I am getting all manner of starnge skin breakouts and allergic reactions etc.  I am torn to my core of wanting my facebook and the clam babbling brook.  it simply cannot be.  Until I am ready to let go of all the bells, whistles, whizbangs and gizmos, forever shall I be shackled by them!

Of course, at this point, whomever is still reading may very well be thinking what I am in fact thinking,”Big Fucking deal, you and the Dalai Lama and everyone else knows this and is also on Facebook!”


I have to get off and out and free.  I dont need to concern myself with what the other is doing, Im scared of GMO food, so I want to change the entire food industry that millions work for daily to keep alive.  I am scared of nuclear war, shall i spend my life trying to replace the broken atoms from the Trinity testing site or will I simply find a place to live out my values as I see fit and let come what may?