Connecting to my ancestral self through my body… or something like it!

Because of that little thing about riding around the world, people think I’m a passionate biker and have been for a while. Today I can say I am, actually, a passionate although begginer biker, but if you ask any friend of mine that has known me for over a year ago most probably will tell you I am a runner by heart and probably say right the next second “did’nt know Diana liked biking”. As a matter of fact I didn’t know how to ride and pretty much have been learning on the way. Let me state since now that I am not a great runner, I’m pretty much average in runners levels, I like to think of it better as just doing what makes you happy for long enough time that you get good at it.

Why I started running was more a decision of my practical mind figuring out a way of literally have my cake and not pay the price in kilos or health, running is probably the highest calorie burn exercise and long distance runners have some of the leanest athletic bodies, so it only made sense to start running myself considering also that my DNA is programmed to gain weight fast and easy. Luckily I fell in love with it, would have sucked otherwise!!

About one and a half decades later I’ve fallen in love with yoga, nutrition, natural medicine, massge and biking, all of his complementing my first passion, running and enableing me to take it to a way deeper level. I still run because of wanting to look good, avoid being overweight while I enjoy my cooking -and eating! But I run also because I understand what my body needs to be healthy, strong, how important it is to do things that make you happy and help you enjoy your life to the max. I run because it has became my moving meditation, my psycotherapy and part of my spiritual learning.

We are living via the human body, it’s evolution over thousands of years, is part of our nature, part of every level of our being. And we were, since the beginnings of humanity, runners. For millions of years we ran to survive, and through running we evolved. Running connects us with our ancestors in that way, just like many other things, but I find this one particulary beautiful. I go beyond my limits when I run, I remember what I am made of when I run.

I say again: we are living via the human body. This is your vehicle, your ONLY mean to experience this life. Looking at it that way it makes sense to me going deep into my body in search of understanding. I don’t know what is my purpose, my mission, I don’t know what makes everything worth anything, and I see how sometimes approaching this with the mind can be confusing, it’s easy to go too far into the rabbit hat loosing track and meaning. Working with the body is easier, safer. At least for me. I can touch and feel my body and it responds, it feels and expresses itself – if I only learn to listen to it. It is my easiest fastest deepest connection with myself. So when I don’t know what to do and I feel overwhelmed “what am I doing with my life?”, “what is important to me?”, “what is the right thing to do?”, bla bla bla bla… I put on my running shoes and somehow the answers come… if not then I roll my yoga mat and somehow everything looks better… if not then cookies and a movie will do the trick.