Luna Sandals and the Monkey Man – Barefoot Ted

luna sandals

YES!  Thats the easiest way to get you into my frame of reference concerning these here sandals which are based on the Tarahumara sandal design –

The company started by Barefoot Ted McDonald in 2006 or so and has grown steadly to have a sweet variety of sandals from Vegan to Dead Animal to Hemp and all of them rock as best we can tell from our personal experience and the experience of others and reading reviews online.

I am the only one currently using Lunas’ on our ride and they work great for pedaling long distances as my feet are FREE!  I am super stoked about the addition of Ergon Pedals [review coming] to my bike making use of Vibrams and Lunas’ so much smoother.

I had never really thought of a sandal as a running shoe, but hey, Im just one guy, learning as quick as I can.  I walked in them for about a month before using them on runs in order to break them in and for me to really get a chance to learn about them thereby avoiding any aches and sprains…. smart ninja… I have run, walked, balanced precariously on slick stones in the ocean and ridden some miles on my bike.  These rock and are a great suuplement to those of us who want the benefit of barefoot health and yet are still too lazy to cut up an old tire and make thier own=]huaraches, tarahumara sandals

As for now, the best I can say is that these are my favorite footwear.  Second of course are my Vibrams, another minimalist shoe that was the brainchild of Barefoot Ted and the Vibram CEO Tony Post.  As with the Vibram, the cost is relatively high for the amount of material used, but thats the breaks for being healthy in this day and age.  Given the money the average person spends on alcohol and various other things which do naught but bring down our bodies, these would be a wise investment indeed.

I havent used them for long distance runs as i still am happy to do those on the beach.  Once I get some real miles on these flippy floppies, ill be able to give those of you who are more avid runners better feedback.  For now, know these are rad and check out what others runners are saying about them online, this may well be the next evolution in your running game.