Día de muertos…

The “Día de Muertos” or Day of the Death is one of my favorite days in the year. I have a peculiar notion of death. I’m not afraid; of course who knows how it will be when it happens maybe I get all scared in the moment but I really think I am not afraid of it, on the contrary it attracts me. The way I look at it, you die right at the moment when you are ready for it, when you have done and learned what you were supposed to in this lifetime. It is nothing more than leaving your body permanently and going back to you most natural state: soul.

Thinking of it that way, I am excited about my death. It is harder beyond what is possible for our human minds to understand, for the soul to be confined in a body. I believe we forget that in order to be able to live day by day, away from home. On November 2nd we celebrate Death, we make fun of it, have fun with it, become friends since now so when we meet she’s not a stranger anymore.

Besides, the parties are awesome!!  today Jeff and I are getting ready for the annual party at Ophelia’s Restaurant, one of my favorites in town. I’ll dress up like Leeloo from the 5th Element. I really want to party right now, the last months have been too heavy, too dramatic, too serious that I’m really looking forwards to just having FUN!! celebrate, be silly, dance… F-U-N-!-!  And it’s a costume party!! I’m shy and never been excited about drawing attention. But it wasn’t like this always, when I was small I would dress up sometimes like a super hero o like a princess for going to school…  really. When I think about that the first thing that comes to my mind is how awesome my parents are. I don’t know many moms or dads that would feel totally comfortable taking their six years old Wonder Girls to second grade, but mine did, more than that they reminded me to take my tiara! -OK on a second thought that may explain other issues HA! … but then the years passed and I grew up.

Last and most important reason: the 5th Element is  L O V E

Love = Energy = Life = Light = All = You = Me

But we forget that as souls confined in a human body. And I want to remember it. I want to feel that I am love. I want to dance tonight and laugh out loud. I want to feel like me.


Leeloo costume didn’t work out… now I’ll be a prostitute, working on looking sluttier and it’s harder than you think… that’s enough about love I guess.