And just like that… It was gone…

I wish I was talking about my lip condition, but Im not, Im talking abuot all the conditions that may or may not have helped lead to this condition of me looking like a Hollywood starlett with a really bad botox thing going on.  From one day to the next my entire life shifts… literally, so I know it is possible for anyone.

Drinking and carousing, staying up late, eating late, light sleep, and whatever sleep I would get was usually troubled.

From super lush to teetotaler.  Complex meals to juices, which, if you think abut it are fairly complex, try getting juice from a carrot sans the juicer, just cleaning the thing can be a world unto itself!  Smoothies, lots of those, simple foods in that they are one sensation type deals, no layers of different crunches, cracks, smooths etc.  Now just a liquid which is thick or thin… If this is what the future has for us, I dont want it.

So any changte, no matter how seemingly ingrained IS possible, and easily, once again, it depends on the push to get you there, the push has to be equal and slightly more than whatever holds you in your current orbit…  A little about pushes…

Back to writing, maybe Ill even get crazy and workout, havent felt that push in three days now!