Oh the Things You´ll See, Said the Good Dr. in a Time When Life was Pure and Free…

It, for me, is becoming a sketchy world indeed. Here I thought six years ago that becoming vegan was it, I was home free, I master the no meat no dairy thing Im set… NOT! I said not… anyway, what the hell is going on? Do these people have no children of thier own, what is this madness with wanting to remix vegetables and mother nature, shit, if it got us this far, leave well enough alone!

Im ranting… of course there are myriad reasons for what “THEY” do, all of which are diabolical and call to mind all manner of cheap sci-fi flicks from the 60’s and 70’s… Well, here’s to us, we grew up when curfew was enforced by a loud yell, dinner time was enforced as a family value, I was not assualted with anti bacterial wipes, gruesome death was not permitted on TV, only cable and not everyone had cable, and it was pretty shitty anyway, the food was healthy if you bought healthy food and even cheap beer had a bit of quality and quality beer had a bit of heaven.  Video Games left more to the imagination than not, so playing outdoors was as exciting as video games essentialy.

I will die knowing I lived in one of the most epic times in history as I lived just at the crux of the see-saw going from one side to the other, I lived during the event horizon for mankinds morality.

If I didnt have contact dermatitis on my lips causing them to swell like botox gone bad and scab over crackin at the corners and bleeding, I would raise a pint of our latest creation in honor of us all!

And to think, just the other day I was bitching about how my bitches were weak, well, now I have zombie mouth.  Thanks Universe, you truly do listen and provide, now where’s my Hundred Grand and world Peace with Goodwill Towards ALL!

On a positive note, I did just get to suck down a Black Bean Smoothie….  Oh my, who knew eating beans could be so fun!  sigh….  I cant even eat hot sauce whilst this is happening lest my lips actually fall off my face…

Aloha and A Hui Hou=] how was that…. HA!