I wish what ever the fuck happened in vegas woulda stayed there!

So, I ended up with a lip burn, not surprising as it is vegas n all, only thing is, it then turned into some kind of contact dermatitis of the lips, they swelled to a ridiculous size, botox collagen style and then went away, I make it sound too easy… It went away after completely scabbing over and forcing me to eat from a straw fro a few days as I couldn’t open my mouth. Nothing like a tearing scab to wake one up to life and its endless possibilities.
And now, here the fuck i am again! AAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. It sucks, Im venting, this is one of the first times I’ve vented about some bodily injury, this trip has seen me with more illness and injury than in any other part of my life. 2 years and already bronchitis, walking pneumonia, chicken pox, right, fucking chicken pox on a 36 year old dude, holes in my leg, though that was due to being a drunken strong man and then slipping on a hill with 175 pound log, sprained right knee, that happened two weeks prior to the hole on the left leg with the exact same idea/situation.
The fire ants continue to bite my lips….
Then I was blessed with some super wonky leg dermatitis that was so bad I had to get an injection of, oh what is it called, the steroid, ummm, anyway, great times at the gym for a week and a half…
Bruised bone when I went down on black ice in Flagstaff, human papiloma virus at some point reared its ugly head in California, ha! no pun intended, that put an end to amorous affairs right quick, I wonder what other papiloma viruses there must be if this is the “human” one and which human was the first to do whatever needed to be done with an animal to bless us all with this one… LEAVE THE SHEEP ALONE PEOPLE!
The flu and colds don’t even come into play as they were lost in the back noise of such wondrous afflictions, all of which, EXCEPT for the crazy leg dermatitis, were taken care of through 100 percent natural ways.
Am I done bitching this morning… you betcha.
Now Im sad. Better than bitching though isn’t it=] Im sad about my apparent and many short-fallings when it comes to love. I’ve spent my whole life wrestling with cupid and when I look back, oh what a fool I have been, every time I see how things could have been fine if only I would have used my mind instead of my reactions to things which happened so long ago I don’t even remember what they were, Im now a slave to knee jerk reactions and their hold on love in my life. I truly don’t even know where to begin. Goodness knows I have seen enough various shrinks, psychologists, therapists and whatever ever other -ists to include the Trappists, the Monks, but the ones in New York that make the Ommegang Ale=]
The ever present specter of Alcohol, shunned by the great Philosopher Nietzsche as it was held by him that it would not allow you to feel the fullness of your despair and hence would hold back the ever powerful swing of the pendulum arm to its counter, joy. I have heard this many times throughout my life from various sources and have decided that it is indeed true, if you do not allow yourself to experience the worst, then you shall never experience the best.
Taoism, Lao Tsu quotes it as well, Long is measured by short, low by high, sweet by sour etc. Makes perfect sense too doesn’t it. if you are a man born into the riches, how much more difficult for you to find excitement. No wonder so many of the crazy psycho murders in the days of yore were the wealthy and affluent members of society, they simply didn’t know what to do and technology had not progressed enough to fill their senses with the pops and whizzbangs necessary to stave off murderous rages, we can thank Sony and Grand Theft Auto for that=]
Woe unto me…the aloe is working slightly, I’m officially fasting now as every time food would pass my lips they would worsen slightly, sigh, now I finally have a problem to write about and not just a first world bitch about facebook statistics, THANK GOD!
Problems, so silly. All life, should i say, MOSTLY, all life has been ctrl-alt-del from the spinning blue orb 5 times throughout its history, AS BEST WE CAN TELL, and we think we have problems. Perhaps it truly is being happy as Bill Bryson states to simply be here. As never before, again according to scientists, have there been a confluence of so many variables which would allow for us, for me typing, you reading, the whole shebang. Perhaps we do take all of this waaaay to seriously. Once again I turn to Nietzsche who told city planners that in order to glean the most from life they should build their cities on the slopes of Vesuvius [active Volcano]. Lord knows i take it too seriously, and its damn hard not to I reckon, after all, those who through birth or kiniving [spelled wrong, auto correct wants knitting, i want sketchy shady people ruthlessly clawing upwards] have wended their way to the top of the money chain have every reason to keep us thinking this is damn important indeed!
It will make a bug spit of difference at the end of the line as Luke from Shirks Bikes said, “Its all a wash in the end”.

Aloha to that and Aloha to Mr. Luke Shirk of one of the greatest Bike Shops in THE WORLD!