Ninja Birthday Cake!!!

I think traditions matter. I don’t keep many but the few I keep are precious and having a birthday cake is probably, for me, one of the main ones… I’m also a Christmas sucker. I LOVE Christmas.
We take so much for granted. We take life itself, time, ourselves for granted. As we grow older we loose the spirit for celebration, we become practical and lazy, from the big birthday parties we had as children now we go out for dinner at a restaurant IF we do something at all. This is one of the aspects about India I love the most, they are BIG on parties, celebrations and traditions… and that IS an understatement! Sometimes I think the main reason for loosing the celebrating spirit is that somewhere along the way, we loose hope. We loose excitement and miss out on the magic and the real important things. Because they are “small” and there are “big” things like work and money.

Well… for me birthdays are big. Because I am big. So on my birthday I want to celebrate being alive. I want to celebrate people in my life. It’s more challenging than you think!! or maybe you know exactly how challenging it is, because birthdays are the perfect day for anyone to feel small. Finding meaning in something to celebrate it when you are “grown up” is hard… finding that in your own self, celebrate your self… even harder.

I think it’s about gratitude as well. Recognize the magic around and be grateful… another challenge for many of us.

Challenge accepted.
This weekend we celebrated Chris’ birthday. And there is so much to celebrate! So much to be thankful. If you are reading this post then of course you are on top of what we do and there is so much more behind scenes, those “small” things are the most magical. But before sharing some of it with you here’s the recipe for the BIRTHDAY CAKE:) …and it had to be a Ninja cake OBVIOUSLY.

This is based on the Vegan Chocolate Pie recipe just with a few modifications that makes it… well, I’ll let you try it and judge for yourself..

6 ripe avocados
1 1/2 cup raw agave néctar
8 oz unsweetened dark chocolate melted – careful not to burn it!
8 oz natural soft peanut butter
3 Tbsp sucanat
8 big dates
1 cup pecan nuts
1 cup almonds
1/3 cup coconut oil melted
2/3 cup natural shredded coconut unsweetened
2 Tbsp powdered cinnamon

1. Let’s start with the crust. On a food processor chop the pecans and almonds, not too fine that it ends up as nut flour, you want to still be able to bite it and feel it crumble in your mouth, but fine enough that you can mix with the other ingredients and shape it.

2. Now chop the dates really fine and mix with the nuts, shredded coconut, cinnamon and coconut oil, you should have some sort of hard paste with visible chunks of nuts, dates and coconut. Once it’s all integrated, press firmly into your cake mold including the edges. How thick you want to crust is up to you… I like it thick;)

3. Let the crust rest aside and in a blender blend the avocados with 1 cup of agave until smooth. Mix in gently 7 oz. of the melted chocolate and scoop into the crust in rough uneven scoops. Now add the peanut butter the same way, in rough uneven scoops and then smooth it all leveling the surface. Try to use as few movements as possible so you don’t blend the chocolate and peanut butter entirely, you want the marble effect.

4. On a separate bowl, mix the remaining oz of melted chocolate with the 1/2 cup agave that is left until you make a glossy paste, distribute on the cake surface until everything is covered. Now sprinkle the sucanat on top and refrigerate for at least 3 hours… I challenge you to come up with a more decadent vegan chocolate pie!! 😀


Sweet!! … Now tell me, isn’t it easier to find reasons to be grateful with something like this melting slowly in your tongue?

And I am DEEPLY grateful for today. I am grateful for having you in my life. I am grateful for your sense of humor and silliness. For your hands and the spiders and the monkeys and the whole zoo that is our life. Thank you for every single day, every single night and for being the only person I know that I don’t get tired of. Thank you for showing me the amazing world of biking, for the desert and the beach… including mosquitoes! Thank you for your sweetness and patience. For your craziness and grumpiness too. For the hard lessons and the sweet desserts. Thank you for being such an amazing cook… AND dishwasher! Thank you for sharing… everything. For those evenings doing yoga with our Christmas lights and the big fogatas. For working so hard on becoming the man you want to be. A million times more, thank you for the amazing man you are right now.