An actual blog update about happenings in my life…

That I am am lush is one of the, well, I should phrase this as, I am STILL a lush is evident in the goings on of late. I am now making wine and beer on grand scales and wondering from time to time about how I started this ride and if I havent become a bit to enamored with the fabled, “Pirates Life for Me.”, as Captain Jack Sparrow so eloquently makes work so well.
Its been a bug biting me from time to time. At times I will simply stop whatever it is I am doing and be struck with a wonder at who I am and who I want to be. I no longer suffer epic hangovers as I do not turn my stomach into a mash pit of various spirits and kinds of alcohol. Perhaps it is to my detriment as now I have given myself the idea that I am a responsible drinker. Though I did get an email from Diana recently saying that she hopes I pass out soon before her parents wake up to find me lurching abut the house naked in search of munchies.
I simply no longer know what to believe. As my friends in GentleWorld are quick to point out, once you really get veganism in all its aspects, you simply wont want to drink any longer. I feel I do have veganism understood and still find myself loving drink, especially now that I am surrounded by somemof the worlds very best beers and wine. Here i do not wax poetic or speak with unduly heaped praise.
The beers and wine of the Ensenada, And Guadalupe Wine Valley are by far some of the best that I have enjoyed innmy travels throughout the WORLD.
That Anthony Bourdain is willing to throw in his star power as one of the worlds true grit, die hard ninja chefs andmpronounce this area to be the next Tuscanny, well, what can be said other than Aloha Ensenada!
Regardless of who says what, regardless of my brains nefarious ways of making x seem a y and evil seem to be a benevolence, I shall simply put to rest, for now, the internal and ongoing argument of whether or not I am a lush. Lush of curse because it sounds much more palatable than alcoholic and, there is a fancy soap by that name which lends a nice connotation.
Its a Pirates Life for me!
What else…
My parents are doing well, my father is down to about two pills daily, THANKS TO THE MINDSET THAT COMES WITH A COMPLETE DIET CHANGE TO VEGAN! How very rad, of curse the actual body is stoked to be not have to deal with chemical laden saturated fats, this is basic science, hiwever, there is something so profound abut deciding to not eat those animals anymore for THEIR sake. Imagine the change that occurs when you do something for another. The results are staggering if you take a look at my father, or if you had the chance to speak with him then and now, the difference in the man is MINNUMBING! His doctor who I almost entered into fisticuffs with over the import of diet and how he should not be given more and more pills, but less and less, now has nothing to say about anything. Whats more important is my parents dont care what he has to say anyway, he is now there to simply take the tests they want taken and give the results. He is back in his place. He was not a healer to begin with. He was a man who went to many years of school to have the opportunity to write prescriptions for pills. To base your Natural HEALTH of the word of a man who no longer has anything to do with nature and natural healing is the most foolish errand one could ever endeavor on. May as well take you car to a tree doctor for an oil change.
Im stoked, ive had a few breakouts of some sort or another with the skin on my face, very strange and humbling and oddly empowering. The first was in San Jose del Cabo, I got cayenne on my face while cleaning my bags during the Tropical storm, didnt clean it off in time and ended up with the lower half of my face engulfed in a pussy, slimy open wound type deal, totally freaked me out. Thank god for Aloe Vera, the plant, not the stuff you buy in a store that has aloe as a lesser ingredient.
Then again in Las Vegas during the Interbike week. i got sunburn on my lips out the outdoor demo and that turned into a mess, my lips scabbed over, I had to drink smoothies and veggie juices out of a straw as Inciuldnt open my mouth to eat or the scabs would rip open, AYE Carumba!
Now again it is happening, I am assuming it has a lot to do with stress levels. Diana and I have pulled out cupids arrows, I am now sleeping in another room and hopefully, well, I hope for what is best, I do hope that what is best is Diana continuing the ride, and yet, that is not up to me, well, thats not entirely true.
We make a most expert team in the field of Post Modern Vegan Bachanalian Ninja Inspired Bohemian Hippie New Age nonPolitical Liberal Socialist Leaning Tree Hugging Bicycle Riding etc.
My running is increasing at an exponential rate in response to a new style, for me, new, apparently others have found it as well, described it much the same and made a fortune on it, I reckon it is ust the simple falling, no pun intended, on the understanding of how the “Running Mechanism” works. I refer to it this way as it resembles the way a horse musculature and running setup is so closely related to that of rs according to those who compare such things.
Further, the very structure of man cries out for the application of fulcrums, pulleys, systems to be named and discovered.
Ill write an article about it and then research the others to see how close I am to what they describe, it really has helped incredibly, reduction in soreness, ease at warming up, etc.
Diana is running and crying now, heartbreaking times. Its amazing to see how much I can feel like a horses ass if I simply am me, sigh, Im hard on myself. I do try, I honestly dont know what is my problem, or should I write, veritable cornucopia of assorted snakes rattling around in my skull…
You rock Diana, please dont judge yourself based upon anything with me as I am a distorted mirror of anything! Its like drinking rubbing alcohol for a good buzz, aint gonna happen…
Im bummed to not have heard from the Salsa cycles crew amd owner. I was so stoked for the Fargo, not only with this burdgeoning swell of good tidings in my heart towards throttling hillsides with Lady Death tickling my ear lobes and howling at the moon, but also due to fear. Fear my bike will be a proper mess upon my return to San Jose due to where we had to put them mainly outside wrapped in tarps…. Then of course my buddy Viv shoots me an email about how the rain is much like when we were first arribed, which is to say, a Tropical Storm.
Thats not just rain, its a tropical Storm, whole different thing!
The beer is coming along well. We made the label, it is already a hit seller amd some of the proceeds from the sale of it will wend thier way back to us, Cheeeeeeeeehoooooooooo to that. The day is coming where I will not jave to ever turn back… I will be able to simply ride forward. I can teach as much as I want to anyone I want as I will not be dependent on raising money from a course as I am now….
It means I should take better care of my bike. I miss my bike now… It is only in the parting that we see the true value…
The wine is coming along swimmingly, we barrell it soon…
In an hour or two we will begin construction of an oven to make the pizzas for our Ninja Palooza event…
Im reading philosophy again which is always nice and I find myself wondering why I ever stop reading it in those moments when I realize that I have…. Ahem…
I am happy beyond words when I look at my list of things to do and when I take the time to write down my grievances with life and what I have going for me.
Have you ever addressed your grievances with god through a pen and a piece of paper?
When I write down the things that get under my skin and all thier potential causes and reasonings, however stretched the logic, I am always humbly ashamed at what I write. Knowing that all is relative surely thier must be some fundamental benchmark for a man if he is to be of service to his fellow citizens and the world at large.
For me to be upset that I dont get high responses for Facebook posts is by far a better thing to wite then, “outsmarted 2 rapists on 12 mile trek to get water for Mom who is still sick with Malaria, havent seen little brother Timmy for three days and am beginning to worry… We hear the shots at night followed by the crying… I didnt eat again today, I tried to catch a rat but it bit me and now the bite looks yucky and its hot and burns…”
No, im peeved that I get low Facebook cred…
It struck me finally what a dear freind who passed away wrote so long ago when I was in the navy about,” how boring is a good thing, means nobody is shooting at you.”.
Johnny Cash is gonna break his rusty chains and run…
What else is on my list of peeves and grievances, those things that we allow to shift us out of the warm beauty of the heaven unfolding momentnby moment around us with thier simplest whispering in our mind and we find ourselves tickled nd forced to act in ways so disastrous to what is right and true it harkens the questin of why we are here and what is the purpose of life.?
I find myself overtly annoyed at the view of people towards politics. Nationalism and its subsidary business of voting in people to run your own life is so maddening to me I do not know where to begin. It would seem, to me, that it is nothing more than a grand charade. i do not say this as a conspiracy theorists so much as out of a sustained and morbidly curious and yet fairly detached view. I served the country, at sea, in Intelligence onboard a ship for 4 years of my life, I simply do not get it. Any of it. That we had politicians sending our military here and there, hither and tither, used to be for peace and ensuring a global democracy, that label isnt even slapped on anylonger, and no one even seems to bat an eye. A defense spending budget, which is an oxymoron in and of it self, is set to such a large sum of money, I have to wonder if we really dont have a fleet of starships opeating at an around the clock orbit, really, spending on the shadows side of a Trillion dollars is madness, and this is only the money that is talked about. Lord knows Im no conspiracy theorists when I mention how many times I have read and watched on the boob tube some news about millions and now Billions in funding that “dissapeared”, was “found”, re-appropriated, funneled, hidden, pooled etc in accunts as varied and colorful as the lies that kept them secret for so long. Assuming that the news hounds are finding 1 percent of such holdings, which would be a generous number indeed, imagine the amounts of money being spent annually on, here, the wording from the horses, um, er…

House Approves Fiscal Year 2013 Defense Appropriations Bill
Legislation will provide funding for critical national security programs, the health and safety of U.S. troops, and military operations overseas

Washington, Jul 19 –

The U.S. House today approved the fiscal year 2013 Defense Appropriations bill on a vote of 326-90. The legislation includes funding for critical national security needs, and provides the resources needed to continue the nation’s military efforts abroad. In addition, the bill provides essential funding for health and quality of life programs for the men and women of the Armed Forces and their families.

In total, the legislation provides $518.1 billion in non-war defense funding, and $87.7 billion for Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) for Defense activities related to the Global War on Terror.

House Appropriations Chairman Hal Rogers praised the legislation.

“This nation – with all the opportunities it provides and the rights it grants – would not be the bastion of freedom it is without the greatest defense system in the world. As we continue to face threats to our safety and way of life, we must deal with the costs of war, keep our military at the ready, and stay constantly vigilant.

“This bill supports and takes care of our troops at the highest level possible, keeps America at the forefront of defense technologies, and boosts key training and readiness programs to prepare our troops for combat and peace-time missions.

“But in this environment of fiscal austerity, we must also recognize that even the Pentagon should not have carte blanche when it comes to discretionary spending. This bill increases oversight and takes a balanced approach to budgeting, making common-sense decisions to cut spending in areas that do not affect the warfighter or our missions,” Rogers said.

For the text of the legislation, please visit:

For the bill report, please visit:

For a list of House-adopted amendments to the bill, please visit:


Wow, who knew, now you do, and guess what, doesnt matter, no one seems to even want to speak about it in a serious sense, a sense that would have people en masse simply not paying taxes. Really what else are you expectex to do at this point? Shit is now hectic, there is only room now for drastic divergence from the considered norm for any real change to happen. You must A. Be aware that a Monster is loose. B. Recognize it. C. Take action (as Sherlock Holmes says). If you dont like that some 70-90 percent of your tax money goes to Support killing people all ober the world, then you will stop paying taxes. At a point a mans morals will have to come inline with his actions or he merely lives a lie. I can think of no greater hell for a man than to die knowing he lived a lie. I speak of he as that is what I am, this applies to the she as well, or course…
So you can still see that my grievances list is minor, no ducking for cover, banging cups against jailhouse bars etc.
One of mymbiggest grievances is my lack of writing here, just writing for the sake of writing, my ideas, thoughtsndreams, not that they matter, even to me, but to put the, down gives a peace in my mind…
My lips still itch, stress kills man, seriously, Im stoked that I am having these small utbreaks that are so uncomfortable and inconvenient. At least some part of me is constantly processing t my self made dramas and not sinkingnthem deep where they could take hold of organs and do terminal damages…
I learn to accept my LOT.
My birthday just passed, I felt so melancholy, so heavy, I found myself thinking about, I dont even know, just heavy shit I guess… We made a vegan pizza with Daiya and Diana whipped up one of the greatest deserts ever, the super dank ridiculously rich dark and decadent chocolate peanut butter swirl raw vegan abocado nut crust pie cake situation.
My allergies are making a comback only because the symptoms went away, so I quit takingnthe homeopathic allergy stuff, a day later, its all out of my system and BOOM, back to sniffles. How many other areas in my life do I play out the same scenario with different props…? I wonder, as far as enemies go, I agree with the age old wisdom that we are our own worst!
I got weak kneed for a moment today when perfomring iur daily ritual barefoot training by the end of the playa. I heard the soft pop of small arms fire and the whumps of grenades detonating. i immdeiately remembered the last week jogging he and being turned away from this section of the beach due to the very same. It was a welcome flush of adrenaline, and since it is a chemical, much like Nitrous, that once released is burned up egardless and t the pipes so to speak, I went good guns for a bit, pumping my legs, pretending that at any minute the bombs would be falling about my ears…
Not a biggie that I lamented away a birthday, the night before I had been bottling beer at Old Mission Brewery and had been taking some cheecky nibbles off the bottle filling gun, may have been a majority reason for my lamentable state and thought pattern the next day… But anyway, that was Saturday, Sunday I went for it, hot springs, movie, dinner, etc… Diana ninjafied it both days=]
well, though I have more to say, I reckon you may be done with it, so, Aloha!