Lessons Learned, a growing list of wisdom from the ride coming from the mouth of a fool.

These are things that have formed in my mind to help me be a better person as a direct result of this ride.

-On the road of life you get flat tires. Fix them and move on.

-Acolades and good words are fine from adults, nothing matches the applause of five year olds.

-It is good to know I will not die or otherwise change for the worse as a man if I do not have a large wardrobe.

-The ability for people to hope and wish for change, and to wish the same for you, FAR OUTWEIGHS thier wanting to actually do anything to make that change happen. (see “liking” on Facebook=)

-Good words will never be in short supply while good deeds are often impossible to find.

-The more artistic, creative and/or adventurous the person, the less racist.