Interbike and Beer, a simple tale=]

A treatise on beer, not that I know what a treatise really is, but today it will represent the impact of beer on the interbike for me.  If ever a social lubricant was more properly handled, I do not know when nor do I care as Interbike used it flawlessly.  That Sierra Nevada with the Chickenman and Fat Tire were present in copious amounts was all the better.sierra nevada beer eco friendly truck
Huge thanks to Yakima and the other rack company whos name escapes me but they had the Audi in thier small yet eloquent show room, both of whom offered quality beer…
Kenda Tires had Fat Tire and Look offered Hoffbrau.  Hoffbrau, is that even a beer or am I memorificating (fabricating memories)¿
Sierra Nevada who brought out the eco-kegerator at the OutDoor Demo, upon whos first glass I had decided to shred the trail to bits and by the third with the heat of the desert sum, I was happy to be sitting in a folding chair talking to others listening to some phat beats by the DJ.
This Interbike week represents one of the best times I have had in Vegas, and I used to live here amd promote nightclubs!
Huge thanks to Maurice Tierney of Dirt Rag Magazine for making it real!