Ninjapalooza and the Sangria Apocalypse!

This is a two day event where we will again lend our efforts and bend our wills to cleaning and saving the Lagunita Lagoon, and if saving seems to be a stretch, we will at least do what we can in the time that is left before the desalinization plant is built directly beside it. Who comes up with these ideas, with a huge stretch of desolate beach it seems odd that one would choose to build a fantastic and complex and highly polluting structure directly beside the one green gem in this city… But then it happens all over the world that way doesnt it…?

The day will start at 8.30am on Saturday the 20th of October with a beach bootcamp workout and stretching. There may be refreshments of the fermented kind=]

We will then spend a few hours cleaning the lagoon and collecting as much glass as possible.

Please bring your own bags, we will meet by the white condominiums and this will be where we leave the bags we collect.

OCTOBER 21st! The Ninjapalooza and Sangria Apocalypse!
List of free/by donation workshops, all donations go to the teachers!

8 am Tai Chi
9 am Yoga para ciclistas
10 am Bellydance Tribal Fusion
1 pm Baguazhang Kung Fu
2:30 pm Capoeira
4 pm Salsa

We will then have a wonderful gourmet Vegan meal including, pizza with handmade crust and sauce topped with a top notch vegan cheese and other gourmet toppings, Lasagna made mouthwatering with various fillings and fantastic chipotle handmade sauce, salads with candied pecans and apple with a vinagrette dressing, handmade bean burgers and tempeh grilled in an achiote, fresh squeezed orange marinade. Grilled Medittearanean style veggies with dipping sauces.
Raw vegan deserts like raw chocolate pie and raw key lime pie both with a deliciously crunchy handmade nut, agave, spice and coconut crust.
Complimented with a Tempranillo Sangria with ahnd squuzed orange and limon juice and a fantastic dark beer made with organic brown rice, 3 types of grain, 2 hops, organic bourbon whole vanilla beans and cinnamon. Gracias Old Mission Brewery!
All the while there will be entertainment in the form of fire spinning, belly dancing and a firery dance number!
Come have a wonderful night to finish off a truly fantastic weekend!