Bike Clinic – Traditional Chinese Medicine

Ashtanga Yoga ensenada prepared for clinicOne of the things I am most excited about is sharing what little kowledge I have in the field of Traditional Chinese Mediicne and acupuncture.  I do not say this to depreciate myself, its just that any sane man would consider his knowledge small when standing in the face of 4 thousand years of continuous learning.

By combining Tui Na or Chinese medicinal massage, moxa, acupuncture with needles, cupping and cranio sacral therapy, I seek t relieve whatever is happening to the person on the physical level, and the spiritual/mental level which in many cases, if not all, is the birthplace for the pains and symptoms of the physical.

To your left is Ashtanga Ensenada, Diana’s [partner on the ride] Yoga Studio, currently run by her student Oscar Olivares.  As you can see, setting is an important aspect in healing for the practitioner.  I use the Tibetan Singing bowl, incense, aromatic sprays concocted by Diana to bring about certain changes in the brain chemistry via the nostrils, anything to bring peace.  Many people today suffer from a simple lack of peace.

My tools:

Cupping set – Cupping is useful for a variety of conditions and especially in conjunction with increasing the flow of stagnat qi.

Moxa – Used to introduce energy to tired organs, help move qi and used during needling to blast energy right through the needle into the person in your care.  As an aside, it used to be smoked by sailors.

Needles – Direct stimulation of points to increase energy flow, direct energy flow, drain energy, simply move lethargic or stagnant energies.

Tui Na – Chinese medicinal massage which blends accupressure and meridian work to achieve health.

Cranio Sacral Therapy – A relatively new modality in that it was started around the turn of the century.  By passive application of pressure on the various points of the skull and with further practice, through various points of the back and sacrum, the practitioner can bring about huge relief to the nervous system and in a sense, re sets it.  Like rebooting a computer when it has had an unexpected failure.  This is an energetic and a physical practice removing blockages from the dural tube all the way to your higher self.

Bagua Zhang – This is the form of Kung Fu I studied and the first third of the practice is dedicated to exercises to help re shape and strengthen the joints, bones and muscles and how they all work together.  There will always be exercises given to patients in order to begin the stride towards preventative medicine and to really try and take their health into their hands, which is where it should always be.

tools of the trade

Qi Gong – Depending on the patient and the illness or injury, qi gong will be used as it is an extremely low impact exercise that is truly balancing to the system.  Comprised of individual exercises, it is much easier to learn than tai chi and thats why I use it here.

All of these things, minus the yoga studio, are carried by me wherever I go.  The clinic is by donation and no one is turned away.  Even if I was a billionaire, I would do it this same way [donation based] as there is something that I have yet to define when it comes to healing a person, them giving something in return and the results they get over the long term.

If we are in your area, we look forward to seeing you!