Quick note before going to bed…

We’re going ‘home’ tomorrow. Make some wine, some products, touch base and in a month head back to the road!… we’re leaving our bikes in San José and that makes me a bit anxious. Separation issues? My bike has been my only constant, the one item that is there always and keeps me going, literally.
I’m sure I’ll get my hands on some other bike in Ensenada, need to keep fit or I’ll suffer the consequences in some hill somewhere. But it’s not the same! I thought of a name the other day, but haven’t told anyone… and now I tell you: Galleta:)
Sooooo cheesy… but so what. After all I’m a girl and can act cheesy any time that I want. That’s a right every girl is born with and no matter how we lives our lives we can always make use of it. So, my bike’s name is Galleta. And Galleta is staying in Los Cabos.