My thumb is nearly healed…

Whackin too hard on trees with an axe is my best bet as to why its hurtin. We have been staying at Raices y Brazos, a sweet multi cultural center here in San Jose del Cabo. Part restaurant, hostel, yoga/meditation center, sweet garden and grounds for doing whatever kind of art you are into, from acrobatics to kung fu. Part of the center is its sister farm roughly a mile away, la Semilla. Viv, retired navy sailor turned Kerouac-esque hitching vagabond and I were charged with the holy light of hardwork and went to bring order to the natural disorder nature had imposed on the farm during its lull time. I went forth with 2 machetes and an axe, Viv went with a machete and 2 joints. Together we did great things and pushed back to encroaching cane grass. The thumb became an issue when I came upon a fallen tree blocking a path.
Out came the axe and gone from my mind were the many lessons learned in Hawaii about the speed/impact rates of return on joints in the hand.
We are going for bus tickets for our Ensenada return….
Thats all thats exciting for me….