Black Sesame Cookies AND Milk… serious nom nom going on here!!!

       On our last night in La Paz of course I needed to do some baking! Getting some road food ready, lightening our load ’cause you need to know, we carry kilos of superfoods with chia, flax, cacao, etc in the list, and well, we love cookies! no more reasons needed for baking!!

Craving for something like an energy bar, packed with protein and good fats to keep us going those extra miles the next day and without soymilk in the fridge (which was a whole crisis situation of its own “There’s no soy milk! We are making cookies and there is NO soymilk?!?!”) this was the result and Oh Dear, it was tasty!

Begin by preparing the milk since you will need the byproduct for the cookies. Now, there are different ways to make nut milk, raw or slightly cooked. In my experience, raw is better nutrition wise, no question about it; but some people like the creamy consistency of cooked milk, so you decide, I’ll give you both… also, when it comes to vegan milks it’s hard to choose! we use soy all the time in a big part because of convenience, you know, being on the road and all, but our favorite is almond. This time I mixed almonds, walnuts and black sesame seeds, talk about protein packed milk! and sooo nutritious! Black sesame is one of the regular superfoods in our diet, high in vitamins and minerals, has been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine for kidney and liver health and for strengthening the immune system, increase energy and longevity.

1 cup almonds
1/2 cup walnuts
1 cup black sesame seeds
1 Tbsp. vanilla extract
Raw agave to taste (optional)

If you’re going for raw milk, you need to soak the nuts and seeds at least overnight. Soak the almonds on a separate container, once soaked, you can easily peel them off which is a good idea since the skin carries some natural chemicals and enzymes from the plant that diminish the absorbance of nutrients in the body and it gives a slight bitter flavor. So once drained and peeled, mix them with the soaked walnuts and soaked black sesame seeds, blend them for about three minutes or more in high speed with 1 1/2 liters of water. You can adapt the quantity of water to match the consistency you want, I like it rich so you might want to use a bit more water, also you can use this same recipe for example for making vegan half and half for your coffee, just use half the amount of water and trust me, it will be rich!

Now you strain your milk and keep the nuts paste! you will use it for the cookies…

If you’re going for the cooked version is quite simple and faster to make, but remember, you will loose some great nutrients!… the only thing you change is, instead of soaking the nuts for hours, cook them over low heat for about 15 minutes on a pan with enough water to barely cover them. For the almonds do it again in a separate pan so you can peel them after. Drain, and continue with the recipe. Way faster and it does helps to create a creamier consistency… but the raw version is so delicious AND nutritious that please only do the cooked one when you have a milk emergency and no time 🙂

1 cup milk paste from above
1 cup oat flour
1/4 cup chia seeds
1 cups sucanat
1/3 cup black sesame
1/3 cup rolled oats
1 cup coconut oil
3 Tbsp. vanilla extract

Begin by soaking the chia seeds in half a cup water until they are gooey and slippery. Now add and mix all the other ingredients to make a soft cookie dough. Don’t worry if it feels softer than other cookie doughs, but you do want it thick enough that you can shape the cookies with your hands, if you need to, add more oat flour or a little bit more water to the mixture.

Place the cookies in an oiled cookie sheet and bake for about 25 minutes or until hard to the touch and lightly golden. Once done let them cook before eating them so they can set. Chill your milk on the refrigerator and enjoy!!… besides making some really tasty cookies, trust me, you know I love cookies and every time we bake I get so happy but this ones were one of my best! These are small energy bars, high in B vitamins, essential minerals, protein and healthy fats, great for road/gym/wilderness food to keep you strong and active!