Sunday (little)Spicy Black Beans

Today is Sunday and if you don’t know it already, I LOVE Sundays!  In my everyday life it really doesn’t matters what day of the week it is, I take my days off when I need them and unless I have a schedule weekly yoga class or other previous commitment (which of course, now that we’re on the road, that doesn’t happen often) I work regardless what the calendar says. Most days I don’t even know what day or date it is. Except Sundays. Sundays I notice and celebrate for two main reasons: most people wake up late so I pretty much have the whole town to myself in my morning run or ride, and of course, there is that pre-programmed part of myself that tells me, no matter how busy of a day I might have, that I can relax and enjoy the day.

Like most Sundays, I woke up early today for running 6 miles that turned into 7 thanks to Moby and his remixes, got back, had the last cookie from yesterdays cookie revolution with coffee and soy milk and then we went to a fun bike ride around town with a local bicycle group which Glenda is part of. That was a lot of fun, I think Chris already uploaded a brief video. By the time we got home, I was HUNGRY!! so we made a super quick salad and started cooking guess what… BEANS!!!

We love beans… and Sundays=]  we eat them several times a week so posting a recipe is actually not that easy, we need to choose! however cooking in some else’s kitchen makes it simple… I explore every little corner of the kitchen and see what comes out from that. Today’s special:


2 cups black beans

2 cups pinto beans

1 large white onion chopped

1 head garlic chopped

1 cinnamon stick of about 4 or 5 inches

2 dried pasilla chillies

2 dried chipotle chillies

10 dried de árbol chillies

salt and black pepper to taste… we used a LOT of pepper!

Begin by, if you remember, by soaking the beans overnight or at least a couple hours. Many seeds, and beans are after all a seed, are covered with natural enzymes and phytochemicals that the plants create on their own to protect them from other animals, plants or from the environment itself to make it easier for the new baby plant to born and grow. However, many of these chemicals can inhibit the absorption of nutrients during digestion, by soaking them you remove most of them while activating some other beneficial ones so when you eat your beans your body will be able to use most nutrients.

cook the onions, garlic and chillies until the colors are bright and intense

Now, caramelize the onion with a little olive oil in a large pan. Add the garlic, pepper and dried chillies and continue stir frying until the color of the chillies looks vibrant and bright, it’s a good idea to keep the flame in medium-low, you don’t want the chillies or the garlic to burn!

Add the beans and about two and a half liters of water. Now it’s a good time for adding the salt too, it’s always better to season while the food is still cooking so all the flavors get integrated. Bring to a boil and let simmer for about one hour or until the beans are soft and the gravy thick. You can always add more water if you need to.

You can serve your beans with some steamed spinach, or do what I did, place a bed of fresh spinach in your bowl and as soon as the beans are cooked and they are still super hot, serve them on top of the spinach, they will get cooked in a minute! Top with some avocado and enjoy!!