Part 6 of the Beginning Bicycle Touring Guide – Saddle A.K.A. seat choice

There are as many seats under the sun as there are Chihuahuas in the field at sunset.  Choosing one that fits you well and you are comfortable with is pretty important as it will be your new work station for the next however long!  One of the first things to look for is what I refer to as the “Love Canal”.  This is either a cut out section of the seat or a groove or channel which will be positioned so that your perineum will be free of constant pressure which has led to problems for people, especially guys with short term impotence.WTB saddle with love groove

Beyond this one main feature, there will be a million more to sort through.  I have had two seats so far on my ride, the first was factory Specialized racing saddle, very slim, worked fine, the one I use now is by Wilderness Trail Bikes, or WTB and I find to be fantastic.  Whatever you do, try a few different ones out, when you explain to the bike shop, or your local, what, your local CO OP, they will more than likely be happy to let you try a few different ones.

I have found that padded seat covers are a waste of time, this is not through personal experience, but from what I have been told by most people.  Again, this is all here say, if they were total bunk, they wouldn’t make them… well, that’s not true, my point is, try different things when it comes to seats.

One other thing to look into is the Brooks saddle.  I do not promote them as I am a vegan and like to not use animal products whenever I can avoid it.  That being said, they are rated as excellent seats, so to not tell you would be simply mean, not sure how the cow feels about it, but there you are.  As they are leather, they take time to break in and do take care in the form of oiling them and doing all the things I had to do with my first baseball glove so many years ago.