Ch. 18 – A Beginners Guide t Bicycle Touring, by Pedaling for Peace. Organizations that can help make your Ride Rad..

Before setting out, check out some of these sites, even if you plan on hoteling it the entire way, these sites will hook you up with some really cool people!  More cool people you meet, the cooler you become.  Another true story., a site designed specifically for touring cyclists to find places to stay and cool people to hang out with.  You will have to register, free, and then your off and running!, I have used this one almost extensively during my ride until I hit the main part of the Baja Penninsula and then there was no one really on the site in that area, but then, there weren’t really any people!  It’s a great site, almost like a FB, but you can stay at peoples houses, there are groups, rad people, gatherings, very cool, very safe.  If you are a single traveler, ensure that the person you stay with has good comments about them and has a completed profile.  Again, this is a common sense thing.  Use your brain and you’ll win every time. –  For me this wasn’t a good fit and I do not know exactly why.  It is very popular in the biking world, so enjoy if it works for you! or Google Earth –  kind of self explanatory and very nice, you used to have to have a top secret clearance for pics like this!  Between the two you can see where you are going before you even get there!  Gives you elevations, terrain, points of interest, approximations of time for distances, etc.

adventure cycling association-mapAdventure Cycling Association [] – This is the corner stone for bicycling in the USA and maps to show you where to go.  They have thought of everything, the maps are excellent, rip and water proof, the routes are designed specifically for bikers, by bikers and cover everything you could possibly need to know.






DirtRagMag []/Bicycle Times [] –  Up to date reviews on everything, great articles and photographs… and we know the people who help make it a reality.  They are truly rad folks and it is an honor to know them.  In an industry where there is a lot of elitism and corporatism, this company has managed to keep it real in our humble opinion.  Depending on what type of riding you do, they have you covered between their two titles.  Whats even cooler, if you are in the U.S. or Canada and you let them know you heard about them through here, you can get a couple issues gratis!Bicycle Times Magazine cover

Facebook [], Stay in touch with your friends and post your pictures to get them stoked so they go out and start riding, heck, you may be the one that changes the world!