17. Toiletries… The Beginners Guide t Bicycle Touring by Pedaling for Peace

Here is where you take what makes you feel like you!  We recommend at the very minimum, Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss.  Nothing will kill a good trip like a toothache.  So keep ‘em clean!  I have not been using my method as prescribed and now I am in need of a dentist!  Another thought if you brush and floss like I do.  Once you notice a cavity, get on it quick!  Its like any debt, you let it go too long, you pay with interest and unlike credit cards, mortgages and those other things, when it comes to the body, the payment, when due, can be severe!

Deodorant is always nice, unless you have been vegan for a long time and now don’t really need it, seriously, I don’t stink anymore!!!  When you look for deodorant, go for something without artificial ANYTHING, no titanium, keep it real.  You are putting this on your arm pit, more specifically on a super sensitive area which is directly located above part of your lymph system, in a word, keep as many cancer causing agents away from this area.

Getting deeper into it, depending on where you will find yourself, toilet paper is usually good to have and is rarely wasted, unless its Halloween or something and you TP someone’s house, but you get the point right…  It really comes in handy.

Nail clippers are great, not just to trim your nails, which feels so nice, especially the ones with the little file so you can clean under your nails, which makes it easier to make a good impression, many people whether they realize it or not will check out your nails.  As you are travelling, make a decent impression, even Bob Dylan talks about clean nails in one of his songs, “Lay Lady Lay” I believe….

But nail clippers come in handy, especially for removing splinters, as I like to make lots of camp and bonfires, I tend to get splinters, nail clippers have a built in safety mechanism so you don’t go to deep, which is why I now use them… ouch.