16. Cleaning your Clothes… A Beginners Guide to Bicycle Touring by Pedaling for Peace

Art-of-Washing-Clothes-1pedaling for peace shower method

The “Shower Method” is for us the best outside of an actual machine to do your laundry.  This is very simply in that you pile the clothes under you as you shower, your soap goes to the clothes as does all the water, most eco friendly and time saving.  As you wash your self, ensure that you are stomping on the clothes, getting them evenly wet, then soapy, then rinsed.

When it comes time to dry, refrain from hanging on bike as wet things touching all the metal and cabling is not recommended.  This especially holds true of you do some ocean swimming change and then hang your stuff to dry on your bike, salt water and mechanical devices, actually salt water and anything really don’t go well together over long periods unless that “something” was born there.  Better to use a clothesline which could be part of your personal items you bring, tree branches, lazy dogs or people, the odd bits of furniture, walls etc.