Part 3 Beginning Guide to Touring – Where to get your Stuff! pedaling for peace =]

Most of my things have been bought from, or donated [Halellujah!].  Used is a great way to go as many people buy things, use them a couple times, just enough to get them working well, and then never use them again, in fact, if we were able to peel off the top of everyone’s garage in the USA alone, and take what we wanted as we were going to use it, no one would ever have to buy another thing again!  Used is also ecologically friendly, so give it a try!

Talk to friends, neighbors, local bike shops and Co-ops, everyone and anyone you can think of, you will be amazed at the goodness which pours forth to help you on your way!  It’s beautiful really and gives you the feeling that the universe is truly backing you.  That and the nature of man to hoard things and the stoked feeling humans get when they help a brother or sister out.

Check yard sales,,, etc.  My bicycle, a Specialized Tri-cross Sport, I think 07-09, many people have different ideas about that, was purchased BRAND NEW, little rubber thingies still on the tires from the tire making mold, you know, the little things that are fun to pull until they snap off in your fingers…? Anyway, I got it for 500 dollars!  Retail value new, around 2600 dollars.  Used doesn’t mean sketchy, used means smart.  Know this.

If you do not know what you are doing, I would definitely spend time at the local bike shop and MORE IMPORTANTLY, your local Bike Kitchen or Bike Co-op.pedaling for peace - bicycle co-op

This is a place where you will not only be allowed to learn everything about bikes from people so stoked on bikes that they donate their time to work on bikes for free and teach you for free, but, you can even build a bike in exchange for money or donation hours.  Now, I don’t know about you, but what could give more satisfaction than touring on a bike YOU BUILT!  Of course, any repairs that happen on the way, no problem, YOU BUILT IT!  Knowledge=Power.  Bike Co-ops=FREE KNOWLEDGE.