Bee pollen – Pedaling for Peace Super Foods Series

pedaling for peace - bee pollen superfood    Bee pollen contains the male germ cells produced by plants through their flowers and blossoms, carefully selected by bees that separate only the grains that are richest in nutrients. Because of this, some people don’t consider this a vegan food, but it is definitely a powerful addition to you diet if you decide to consume it.

Most of the vitamins and nutrients found in bee pollen come in perfect proportions, which makes them more easily assimilated by the body respecting nature’s synergy.

Bee pollen is high in active carotenoids that are later turn into vitamin A in the body, vitamin B1, B2, B6, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid, folic acid, vitamin C, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, 59 different trace minerals, 22 amino acids and various enzymes. Keep in mind when consuming bee pollen as well as most other superfoods, this enzymes and many of it’s nutrients are destroyed by heat, so keep it raw and fresh always.

Some of the effects of bee pollen in the body are:

* Higher performance levels with increased stamina, strength and endurance.

* Stimulation of the metabolism that results in a healthy weight and strengthening of the cell tissues.

* Increased vitality and longevity.

* Increased mental focus and alertness. Overall toning of the nervous system.

* Better assimilation of nutrients and better elimination of toxins.

* Higher resistance to external aggression – bee pollen has natural antibiotic substances and stimulates a faster regeneration of tissues.

* Toning of the intestinal tissues and restoration of healthy intestinal flora.

However, please be grateful for the hard work of our tiny flying friends since it takes a bee eight hours of work per day for a month to gather one teaspoon of bee pollen! and be always conscious of the origin of your bee pollen, nowadays many types of bees around the world are struggling for survival. Yes, bees ARE in danger amongst other reasons, for the dirty battle of chemical farming practices and genetic modifications, so be kind and always grateful.