Loreto, mangoes and running…

We arrived in Loreto last Saturday. Leaving Mulegé was hard, the place is magical and the people so very sweet. The last few days we stayed in Don and Pam’s home enjoying fresh figs, mangoes, bananas, cooking, doing yoga and hanging out with them. Everyday turned out to be an adventure filled with magic and life. I am forever grateful to have met them, by being who they are, they taught me so much about enjoying life and being open to appreciate wonder.

Saying we had a wonderful time with them is and understatement.

The next three days, on the way to Loreto we visited and camped beautiful beaches on Bahía de Concepción: Santispac, Burro, Coco’s, Requesón and one or two more which name I don’t remember. If you are ever in Baja don’t hesitate to spend a day or two at least in this area, the water is crystal clear, refreshing and warm and the whole scenery breath taking. However, the ride was HARD. It’s so hot at this time of year and I could feel the humidity in the air filling up my lungs up with water making me gasp on every breath like a fish outside the water. It was seriously a challenge. The distances are not that great but under this conditions I had to fight and earn every mile.

On top of that, camping on the beach, as beautiful as they were, was not that great. Every night something would keep us awake, torturing us. Could be mosquitoes, the humid heat that makes everything wet in sticky sweat, the hot breeze of the desert blowing sand in the eyes and sticky bodies, dogs barking constantly, you name it. And once daylight begins, you get about 45 minutes before the sun is high up there piercing everything with laser heat. So every day we would ‘wake up’ more tired than the night before, put on our sweaty dirty riding clothes, get on our bike and melt a little bit more each mile. There are some hills in the way that may not look like much but made us suffer and countless stretches, endless stretches with the lightest inclination up that beat you up big time. I could feel my muscles depleted, exhausted, responding to my movements but simply without strength.

The last two days of riding before Loreto were “easier”. The road separates from the sea and goes into the desert again and higher into the mountains. Not much, but enough to cool down a couple degrees that make a big difference and at least to me, the air felt a bit less humid… but (always a but!) we had a lot of wind blowing in our face forcing us to pedal hard even going downhill. Still, the scenery was beautiful and I had a blast. There were even a few minutes now and then of relatively comfortable riding that reminded me how fun it is.

We got to Loreto and thank God we had a place to stay. Héctor, a friend of one of my yoga students (and a dear friend of mine, Lorena) was away on a trip but left us the keys to his house, so, so, soooo cool… and we collapsed. It was so long since the last night of actual rest! we slept like babies, I even had some dreams. Just bliss. The next morning I was feeling better, went out for a run on the beach, did my yoga, had some breakfast. However Chris was not doing so good. He spent two and a half days completely in bed with fever, aches and chills. Heat exhaustion.

I was beat up too. Maybe not laying in bed sweating, but definitely in need of few days of rest. So that’s what we’ve been doing here in Loreto. The town is beautiful, but we really haven’t seen much. Most of our days we’ve been at home delighted to have a bed to sleep in, pillows, a stove to cook on, a shower… and internet:)

The days are hot here too, from 10 am to 7 pm is HOT. Even the locals stay at home for the most part. The mornings I’ve gone out for a run I wake up before dawn and still, by the time I get back I’m dripping in sweat as if had fallen into the sea. Yesterday was particularly ‘fun’. I was already struggling with some blisters from my Vibrams. I love those shoes but kind of hate them at the same time. They are rad for riding, for everyday use, I do love them for that, but haven’t been able to get fully comfortable running with them. And trying to travel light, I only carry my Vibrams and flip flops. It’s a long process for the body to get used to running without the cushioning and comfort of regular running shoes and if you don’t know it already, I’m not a very patient person. So I’ve been working on avoiding injuries while running but constantly struggling with some aches and pains that keep me from running freely and with the distances I like. Also with the heat here, the sweat and the sand…. blisters. And as usual they start to bug when you’re at your furthest point in the run so by the time you get home, the blisters are full on paining.

So I’m coming back, still about five kilometers away working on the discomfort of a blister in my right big toe when Oh my God!! I step on a sort of ball made out of fish bones, algae, spines and I don’t know what else and this big spine goes through the sole of my shoe, deep, and I mean deep into my foot, I actually felt it touching the bone at the base of my toe. Ohhh… PAIN! Pulled it out and it was sharp!! Slowly and shaking I sat down on the sand, took out my shoe, my foot is bleeding and I’m just thinking “Great! Why always when something happens during my running, it’s when I’m still far from home and have to figure by way back!!”. Fortunately the spine was thin to the wound wasn’t big but ooohhhh, painful. After squishing some blood out so that what ever microbes were in the spine would hopefully find their way out of my body, I put my shoe back in and ran back home. One blister in the right toe and the left foot pierced. But it was ok. Just pumped up the volume in my iPod and focused.

I’m not running today:)  Need to heal obviously and need to rest too. Also, it’s good to take some time for working on this website… and I’m on lady’s holiday so no yoga too. I hope whoever is reading this, you find useful the information we’re uploading. Today I’ll write about spirulina, one of my favorite superfoods and will try to contact some people in La Paz and Los Cabos, hopefully start setting something up from when we reach there. I miss teaching yoga so much, and need to feel productive. Don’t get me wrong, I’m having a blast so far riding, but I enjoy working too so hopefully we’ll get to teach some classes, maybe a workshop, let’s see!