What about health?…

Health is not just the absence of illness. Being healthy is having your body, mind and spirit developed to it’s natural potencial which is stong, energetic, vibrant and positive. Think about the energy of children, they just don’t get tired! They are curious, optimistic, fresh!

Very soon into our lives we start using our life energy to heal the daily damage from not excercising, eating the wrong foods, stressing and worrying, submiting ourselves to endure the day rather than living it. Because we are blessed with incredibly potent energy, we survive a lot before noticing any damage and because this process goes on slowly, we get used to having little by little less energy, less life power. We get used to having a slow digestion, sore lower back, interrupted sleep and so forth thinking we are healthy just because we are not evidently sick.

What if you could go back to your full energy state? Get back into feeling amazing instead of just fine, and when illness should appear, overcome it fast and easy? We think it’s mainly a matter of awareness. Pay attention to this moment and the decisions you take, little by little it becomes evident what gives you energy and what takes it away. Choose wisely and have fun in the process, after all if you don’t enjoy right now, then when?

On this section you’ll find a few advices in excercise and nutrition, things we have found usefull in our own lives, recipes, home natural remedies and what not. Hoping you will find it usefull too and perhaps help you in enjoying a better health. Remeber we are not doctors and our advices and opinions are nothing more than that. Always make sure to inform yourself propperly and in case of need turn to a qualified professional… hopefully one that follows a natural holistic approach both for your health and the planet:)