Soy latte por favor!

We are in Guerrero Negro, our first stop in Baja California Sur. Last night we stayed in a tiny hotel with dirty floor and moldy ceiling. I don’t mind, actually I was just happy to sleep in a bed and have a warm shower… and if anything, situations like that reminds me I’m a low maintance girl, which I’m proud of. We all get used to comfort and luxury so easy and fast that unavoidably end up taking for granted what we have, from the delicious soy latte I’m drinking while writing this to the freedom I enjoy to go where I please and do what I want.

Going further, we, I, take for granted constantly this very moment and everything that is happening in it. The thousands of millions -for real! of small proceses that are going on in my body to allow me to type, breath and stay alive for the next second and the other millions of billions of cosmic movements that keep this planet alive… for what ever you believe in, I believe we know this and are able to appreciate it at moments, but need to forget it just to be able to stand being alive. Sounds stange, but think about it… If you could stay aware of everything, you would go crazy. I know I would, at least at first, until I develop enough strength to endure such wonder. OK, before you dismiss what I’m writing and start thinking I have gone mad in the desert, too much sun, too much heat that I’m not thinking clearly anymore, just play along, humor me for a bit and follow my train of thought… think about your body for a moment, however it looks like, however it feels like, however close or far it is from what you would like it to be; it is functional enough for you to be reading this, for you to be alive right now as you were yesterday and the day before. It allows you to move, to do stuff, to taste and touch and see and smell… now think of your mind, regardless of how full of crap it is -don’t take it personal, we are all full of crap up there, I am VERY full of it, but still, you can understand my words right now, you can dream, you can hope, you can learn and express your ideas and thoughts, you can appreciate music and colors, you can do math to pay for your groceries and remember how to get back home…. you have a heart, both the one in your body that works with amazingly tiny but extremely powerful electrical currents, as well as your sentimental heart, that keeps you connected to your love ones, that makes you react and feel joy, anger, happiness, boredom… now think of those connections that your heart makes with anything you love, how you are connected to your friends and partners and family, and like any living creature, the connection you have with your environment. The air that you are breathing, the temperature, the oxygen it carries to feed you, oxygen created by the plants around and all over the world, think about the food you ate today… and before, how you build your muscles and tissues with that food, how you have built yourself with all this particles and now that apple, that pizza, ARE you… I could carry on forever but to cut this short, now, that you are thinking on all of this, you probably forgot what ever you were thinking of before, probably you forgot what time it is, you already left out and forgot and now that it came back to your mind, you are out of that state of wonder again, back into the “functional” mode of everyday life, of society, of ordinary life… our minds can’t handle, at least yet, all of it.

This moment is a miracle.

And probably we will keep taking it for granted until we have no more moments left… so what to do? some say meditate, feel, enjoy, forget… I don’t know, that’s why I’m riding my bike. But one thing I can tell you, you need to have fun, laughing is important too… USE yourself. Use your body in everyway you can, use your mind and your heart. So now stop reading this and go!