Latest version of Flying Mapache

Clicking on a photo will most likely take you to a review=]  If it does not and you dont feel like letting me know it didnt, please understand that anything on this bike at this point is rad!

pedaling for peace - fling mapache in desert mode The desert edition of the Flying Mapache, my bikes name.  To start, I would like to give a huge thanks to everyone who helped me with my bicycle and getting to this point.  I would like to give special thanks to Mr. Luke Shirk, of SHIRKS BIKE SHOP in EAST EARL PA., and Maurice Tierney of DIRT RAG MAG and Jessica at Mission Hills Bike shop for being a rad ninja if ever a ninja ninja’ed.  This is my desert edition.  The primary changes are as follows, addition of an MSR Dromedary [gift from Diana’s friend Lorena Pedrin… NINJA!] and a Camelback desert military edition [gift from a gentleman we met at Mama Espinozas, MAHALO!] Now, this bike is sweet and let me list why…. -Rear rim is a hand built Velo touring rim. -Front is an Easton E/50 racing rim, I was concerned about its strength for touring, but Ray, from RAYS BIKE SHOP in VENTURA assured me it would be no problem.  I am now 100’s of miles from him and his kindness and sure enough, no problem! -Tires are Schwalbe Marathon compliments of VENTURA BIKE DEPOT. -Front bags are Bontrager, good bags, after nearly two years of touring, they are holding up well, the rubber spacers on the hooks are worn through, but that is the only wear they have, well, that and my left one has duct tape covering a hole due to my error in riding on a patch of black ice in Flagstaff AZ. -Front rack still the Zefal. -Rear rack still Blackburn. -Rear bags still Crosso from Poland, compliments of CROSSO.  After nearly two years the seams are growing weak  at the top of the plastic backboard insert.  Rad bags, have handled A LOT.  They even saved my legs when I got hit by a car on Venice Blvd in LA… -Saddle is a Titanium Pure V from WTB.  Very cool saddle, only piece of equipment damaged by car hit mentioned above, for some reason all the shock of the hit went to this point only and it ended up popping off the rails, the guy who hit me took me and my bike t a mechanic around the area where the accident happened and after 2 hours and a lot of grease, the saddle was re railed, a little loose now, but still a fantastic saddle, I have had opportunities to change, and even an offer for a new one and have declined on all counts. -Pedals are a gift from THOMAS JINNA in San Diego, super simple, mad by Thermalite, rad, can even ride barefoot! Profile Airstryke ninja bars, I love them, many people dont seem to like the aero bars for touring, for me, more back positions=more rest for my back on long hauls, I also find them useful when I want to rip down a hill, or when i am climbing a hill, they help me concentrate….  Maybe its just me=] Thats about the size of that, if you have any questions regarding my bike, do not hesitate to email me –   ALOHA!