My Bicycle Touring things to think about list before you go…


No headphones  until you have a definite hang of this, you will need to be able to hear when god may have different plans for you, ESPECIALLY in a city or any busy area.  Of course, even the lonliest stretch of road will provide ample opportunity for you to go back to essence of it all, so be alert!  – I have no idea why the previous text will not change from this large bold type, apologies, it is no more important than anything else written here, it just looks that way…

2.  Long sleeve shirt – you have so much fun you dont realize you’re burning!

3.  Tricky fibers, the man made ones will do much better for easier cleaning/drying, second handnstores usually have these in droves, I feel its better for second hand stuff as you can see that it has held up and you are recycling, plus, if you really get into this, your new stuff will be used within weeks, your call…

4.  Lots of water- all the time, if in desert climate, drink more, pee should always be clear of straw yellow.  I cannot stress water enough.  You miss out on water, your ability to focus will diminish.  You do not want that going down a hill at thirty with a semi passing you at eighty!

5.  Always stay in a gear that allows your knees to move easily, through time you will be able to do this in higher gears, if it is hard going, you are just stressing your joints, your body in general, the gear surfaces, the chain, no good for the machine or the engine that drives it – you!

6.  When camping, get separation between you and the ground, air mattress, something, a good nights sleep is priceless, again, you lose focus, that could be it!

7.  Be safe when camping, use a brown tarp (black is too dark and hence stands out!) to cover your gear and bikes, perhaps get a dark tent as well…

8.  Get a sleeping bag that makes sense for the area, you get a bag that is too warm, you will get sketchy sleep, for instance, I am using a down bag rated for the poles, it was a donation, so no complaints, when I get a chance, I will trade for one more suited for the desert.

9.  If you are traveling through the desert, make sure you understand the temerature differences between day and night.

10.  Ask at the places you eat/drink/etc if you can stay behind their place.

11.  Learn to do basic maintenance, this is a no brainer, BUT, you would be suprised how many people, including myself,mlearn on the side of the road.

12.  Bring spare spokes

13.  Bring a flat kit and let the glue dry thouroughly before applying the patch

14.  Check your glue tube before leaving, many times you will get a gift of a flat kit, only slightly used and the tube will look full, when in reality, the glue dried out long ago and now, well, hopefully you got a spare tube, afterall, I have yet to see a patch kit which gives you enough glue for the patches included!

15.  Take a small/med/large amount of super foods, you get stranded, you have nutrition in a super condensed version, much better for you, much more available energy that power bars and drinks.  WATER AND SUPERFOODS.  If you dont know about super foods, look them up and decide which would work best for your journey!

16.  Water additives are super handy, make them super healthy with no bullshit ingredients.  If you dont know what I mean, spend an hour on the internet and shock yourself with what is passed off as performance nutrition.

17.  Always think in clothing layers for heat, not just a jacket, you want to be able to fine tune your temp so you have a fun ride, if youre not having fun doing this, well, you should get a job and not have fun doing thatbutnatbleast get paid.