“What you do today is important. You are exchanging a day of your life for it”

It’s our last day in Ensenada… it’s been so for the last four days.

Have you ever been in a cliff about to jump into the ocean?  looking for the right moment, checking the tide, the wind, your breath… something like that is going on. We’re all packed and now finally have some time to enjoy. Do nothing but enjoy. The last several weeks, months, have been so hectic I really needed some rest. I need a lot of time of not doing for functioning.  It’s hard snapping out of the frenzy of production. Being productive is important for humans.  Important for me.  And I work hard in letting that go and just be.

Just be… easier said than done. The months and months I’ve spent in India, the thousands of yoga poses over the years, countless deep breaths, working on learning how to just be. Good thing is, the more you are, the more you enjoy.

I am deeply in love of my bicycle. I don’t know much about bikes… I didn’t even knew how to ride a couple of months back -have a very vivid memory of Chris’ face when he found out=)

Now I love it. I’m still very new to it, but figure at some point in this ride I won’t.  However I am a little nervous about tomorrow, with the extra weight, new handlebar, new shifters… and that little detail of going around the world.  Definitely more excited than nervous and how Kumar says “Nervous is good. It will keep you alert.”