so… San Quintín

I drifted a bit in my last post…  write every blue moon and then I go drifting, nice… so! I was saying, it’s day 4 and we are in San Quintín, Baja California. Google Latitude says we’ve traveled 99 miles, that’s about 160 kms…  what?! only!!…  so far it’s been one day of distance, one day of recovery, another day of distance and another day or recovery which is today!! except this time a shower and a bed were needed ergo: The Uruapan Hotel.

I still get nervous in the mornings before heading out. Maybe some day I will be a good enough biker that I won’t get those monstrous butterflies in my stomach but not yet. The day we left was of course the most intense. Adapting to a new handlebar, new shifters, a whole lot more weight and new dimensions with the bags, by the way, I’ll write so much more about them later in the sponsors section but have to say: ORTLIEB RULES!!!  this bags are amazing!! but definitely a different bike all together. I can not thank enough my brother, Jessica, TNT bicicletas and of course Chris for helping me out in figuring out what to pack… what to do:)

The time came and we were all packed and ready in the driveway, I try to get on my bike and oh my God!! it’s so heavy and I can’t get the shifts and I feel like the first day I rode…  Chris said we could leave the next day and take this one for practice, let myself get a little more comfortable. Sound tempting but I really felt it was time to leave so ‘ni modo!’  The next 10 miles were intense… still working on my balance, getting into the Transpeninsular highway with all it’s trucks and traffic and holes and mexican driving!! maybe it was until Santo Tomás, several miles later that I felt in some sort of communication with my bike.

The shifts are still a challenge sometimes and my hands are sore, super sore!! for holding on too tight, but it’s getting better. There have been a few miles of pure joy, feeling relaxed and even taking a moment for looking away from the road and enjoying the scenery…  have to practice with particular attention in getting off the bike, and off the road… without falling.

Three days after, I still get nervous in the mornings. Something happens during the night, I get used to my feet, my OWN two feet again, the ground; that the thought of getting into the bike again with all the cars and the tiny,  t i n y  white line I have for riding space at the corner of the road (please remember people, mexican drivers drive mexican style in mexican roads) makes my stomach tight, my hands sweaty, oh boy…  and so I get on my bike and do it again, and I will do it tomorrow, and the day after and the day after until I don’t feel nervous or scared anymore. Or until I get used to this feeling that is not so bad anyways. It makes me feel alive, I feel! I am out of my comfort zone and still having a blast. Still doing what I want and I wouldn’t prefer to be anywhere else in the world.

Number of falls so far: 3.  Two of them getting off the road, one trying to get my bike down the hotel stairs instead of being patient and waiting for Chris to help me:)  not a scratch, no hesitation to get back on…

Number of almost falls: 2.  One of them I even scream…

Number of hills walked:  oh I don’t know!! 5?!  who’s counting anyways…