Ensenada to La Paz, Day 3… No zombies….


We have a shady little spot in the back back of mi ranchero restaurant, the end of our 20k day.  A tiny day to be sure, and yet not to be dismissed as it was frought with all the agony and drama of a full length epic…
We were given a very cool send off by dianas parents, brother, yoga students and new teacher Oscar.
I was hung over as you may well imagine based on the preceeding entry and we went as far as Cafe Thomas to saddle up to our last soy milk latte in what I can only imagine may be quite some time.
Its been so long, the ten months literally fled by, and now here I am, completely out of shape, with added pounds in regard to my bust and waistline, dehydrated to the max and… Lovin it!

Is it legal?  We didnt know.  Is the area safe.  As a whole yes, if by safe enoughto be stark naked in the middle of the pre desert on the side of the primary road, again, we didnt know.  A tent, while cozy  is merely a taco, or a sandwhich as Gary Larson pointed out with his beloved talking bears… Oh look, little sandwhiches!

.We did end up rationing our water supply as, shocker, we ran very low, i have an ipad, but not enough water in the desert…. Sigh, one little bottle, and we had no where to stay, we decided against staying at the pay for night camping spot as they charged for the day and for the night and per person, pride drove us ever onward and we realized that choices would be few and far between.  Commando camping is always an option, but one must understand certain things.
Is it legal?  Who knows?  Is it a safe area, even bigger unknown…
Given that two of the road kill I had seen were BOBCATS, I was further disheartened, that 2-5 foot flattened rattle snakes were beyond common a little more serious, topped off by roadkill of a very serious looking Big Ass Dog, made my stomach sink a little further, but not so far that I still didnt have the courage to suggest we keep on riding, even better was when I said that the road probably just climber around the corner and then stopped and we would have somewhere good to camp….
It rose and rose, and once you were on it long enough to realize that it was still rising, based on the day, a person just got the feeling that itnhad to be done.  I say that cause i really hope thats what diana wasmthinking…

Though i neglected to take pictures this morning ofmsaidcampingnsite,mit was quite sweet, camoflauge wise, as for actuall sleeping, shit, no shade, so nuclear hot while the sun was even remotely in the sky, then freezing, i have a cazy heavy down sleeping bag which only just finished drying from the sweat, this had me super uncomfortable, any noise would freak me out, i thought we were being attacked by bobcats once and a giant dog when I mistakenly took the “motor braking” of a truck in the distance for deep growling….  In the distance, when I looked this morning we were a literal stones throw from the highway.

We finally found a spot, very sketchy at a recently installed drainage runoff concrete things, leaving the ground trampled enough that I felt confident hiding two bikes, a ton of stuff and a blue tent behind scrub brush and a tarp.
Point is, we made it, and it was rad:). We rode off this morning feeling very ill having not had water beyond carefully measured sips and the occasional gulp.
The little we did ride today was fought for, though as I told Diana what I fight for now is only because I was so indulgent when in Ensenada, the fine dining, great wine, superb beer, what could I do, musnt punish myself too much, just seems like when I slip a little, I usually end up slipping a whole lot further:)
We met friends from costasalvajae, they passed us and gave us thier info as they are doing anproject in Guerro Negro for  10 days, not sure if we will make it, BUT, we’ll see!
Very happy to be resting, healing, heat stroke is no joke.. Ha!  

The other was the fact that we are ninja.

Time to keep pedaling, this covers two days, we are on our third, saw two coyotes today cruising in the fields beside us, had a morning fire, got waaay overcharged for roadside coconuts and feel on top of the world:)