Your soul cannot get them as it is immutable, that is to say that it is undying and quite simply is as it forever shall be….  How do you scar pure energy…  how do you put it in a bottle…  you give it a body=]

Your body and mind, the things that allow your soul to experience all… all of this, even reading this, well, they can be scarred and they can be scarred greatly.

In life you can lose limbs, lovers, the ability to walk, talk, you can lose anything, and let us not even delve into the realm of man and material possession, those are as fleeting as the ‘green flash’ I have yet to see on the horizon during a sunset over the Ocean.

We can lose it all and in the process of this loss, we will be scarred.

If you allow this scarring process to inhibit your life, i.e. you stop pushing and exploring, you may well be missing the point.

I often think that ‘God’ will be most happy with the ones that show up riddled with scars and if they still have mouths, with a smile.

Please, in your endeavor to persevere [Old Indian in Outlaw Josey Wales], please rmember to show up at your final day with plenty of scars, show whomever you worship, and if it is no one, show yourself how much you enjoyed not only living, but really pushing the envelope, again, and again, and again, and again, all the way to whatever end you design for yourself.

Enjoy your life with Aloha and do live vicariously for yourself.  You’re the only one that matters in the very end=]


Thanks to Mauricio for allowing the use of his pics, this one is after his back surgery following a para-gliding accident and subsequent spinal surgery.  When asked if would fly again, he looked at me like I was silly for asking and said, ‘Of course, its flying…?’

Bless your heart=]