Adopt Litter

This is an ongoing project for us.  Our adopted litter is the ‘6 ring’ plastic holder.  If we are biking, walking, jogging, whatever we are doing, if we see one on the ground, we pick it up and put it in a can.  We chose the ‘6 ring’ as it is prevalent enough that you can pick up a decent amount and still have a good forward progression.  If we had picked beer or soda cans, we would still be in Pennsylvania=]  Please take a brief moment to actually learn about what we are talking about thanks to our friends at Wikipedia – TRASH.  And now, please adopt some litter and get to work.  P.S.  We understand that the current method of dealing with garbage is inadequate and we feel this is because the average person hasn’t a clue how much is actually produced, in adopting litter, you can begin to get an idea of simply how much trash actually exists and how much YOU PERSONALLY create.  Then you may start raising your voice for more recycling and a brighter greener future for your children and YOURSELF>