Another kind of green soup… with sprouts

It’s now a rule for myself to share some of our everyday food with you the same day we actually eat it! I’ve been collecting so many pictures and writing not enough recipes, after a few weeks is impossible to remember what I put in it:)

Today it’s been a particularly green day in our kitchen and for lunch we are having GREEN SOUP!!… again. I don’t mean ‘again’ as implying it’s getting old, green soup can never get old, specially because we prepare it different each time. But how else to call it but green soup?

So, the ingredients..

1 yellow onion
1 tsp corriander seed
1 tsp tumeric
3 cloves minced garlic
4 zucchini (med size)
2 cups green peas
1.5 inch piece of ginger grated (this is accomplished by freezing the ginger- you can keep the skin on!)
1 bunch of spinach
6 big leaves of kale (stem is up to you)
1 cup sprouts
Daiya cheese to decorate

Before anything else, heat in a big saucepan a tablespoon of olive oil and gently heat the turmeric and coriander seed. Remember that most spices release their full flavor, aroma and therapeutic properties this way, just be very careful not to burn them!… today we’re using turmeric to help relief some muscle soreness. Turmeric has wonderful anti inflammatory properties and help rebuild and regenerate tissues.

Now add the onion finely chopped and when soft add the garlic and ginger. Add the zucchini and peas and let them cook a bit. Now add the spinach and when soft, blend it with the kale adding as much vegetable stock as you need to create the consistency you like. We are adding the stock now to make the blending easier, have you ever tried blending hot fluids? they tend to explode, big mess… I like soups thick and heavy, but it’s your soup so do it the way YOU like it… remember, when cooking you can always add or remove stuff from the recipes to make it tasty for you. You can cook the kale if you want, but keeping it raw is way better with all the enzymes and vitamins intact. Once it’s all blended return to the stove and heat a bit so all the flavors incorporate. Add some sea salt if you want or maybe some Bragg’s liquid aminos.

Serve and top with Daiya cheese and sprouts. The ones in the picture are adzuki bean sprouts, sooooo good!!  you can also add some nutritional yeast for extra protein and B vitamin, a swirl of olive oil or some fresh basil leaves… now I go, time to eat…