Get to know Chris, a story time… Russian Mobsters in Seoul S. Korea=]

This one takes place in the early navy days…

My memory is slight to say the least as I was quite the drinker in the Navy, something about realizing I was part of a death machine that cared nothing for its internal people in the mission to destroy all of those on the external…

We were in Seoul, I was with my good friend J.K. playing a game of poker with two very large Russian gentleman who totally fit the bill of Russian Mobsters.  Of course the cards were grimy and bent, the lighting was dim and the wooden table was sketchy at best.  At some point I decided to ‘impress’ these gentleman with my graps of Russian by poking one of the men in the chest, I think he had a red sweater under his brown stained jacket, poking him, saying “sookin sin” over and over, I can only imagine my pokes were hard as he was large and not sure where I am going with this, flash forward in my memory, many of the memories from these Navy years are like old Polaroid photographs in a dusty lidded shoebox deep in a closet… random, faded, no order, just moments caught in time, slowly disappearing, years of my life….

He didnt like the poking nor did he like the “sookin sin” comment, I had recently watched a James Bond Movie, I think the one that had the Vegas lounge singer as a televangelist preacher, was it Timothy Dalton as Bond, anyway, sookin sin=son of a botch.

So there we are, the next memory is of running, and not a slight jog, a full on run, i am laughing hysterically, Jeff is telling  me to shut the F up and calling me an idiot.

A look over my shoulder, another polaroid snapshot of Large Russian men running after us, moving surprisingly well for their bulk and of course, one of them now has a knife in full view, a hunting knife, the kind you lusted for as a kid in the Cub Scouts.  Zigging and zagging down back alleys in South Korea running from mobsters with knives….. HA!  And you say you have lived….

We made it, I’m here after all.  I asked Jeff what happened about that night and he O.k’ed my recollection and told me after that we went from little sketchy hotel to sketchy hotel in the hopes of finding a bed for a few hours.  As luck would have it, after being turned down by many due to my extreme inebriation, I finally spied a Chihuahua in one of the places windows and decided that was the spot.  To this day not sure what the Chihuahua draw is….

While the Chihuahua was our beacon of hope it also turned into our demise, I couldnt stop laughing about the dog and this got us kicked out with no refund of money….

My memory stopped with running down the alleys, Jeff filled me in to this point, so, thats your story about me for today…

Dont worry, I have a book of days you may find interesting=]