Kinetic Chain Or- what happens in your body every time you make a move (of course, very simplified and geared towards basic energy movement travelling up through the body)

As I understand it, the Kinetic Chain in the body is comprised of every part that is affected by the movement in question.  For instance, when you walk, you foot comes into contact with the ground, it is at this point that millions of factors come into play, these include, but are in no way limited to, your shoes, both their quality, design, fit, how well you tie your laces, which I guess is part of fit, your foot strength both in moving and in basic structure, the actual structure of your foot, your posture, your awareness at how “heavy” your foot fall is, the type of terrain you are walking on, how much you have had to eat, to drink, etc, as you can see, this is list is by no means complete, for instance, being chased by Zombies is totally different from listening to Vivaldi and his 4 Seasons, so many things have an impact on our movement that we often tend to simply push the whole pile of information collected through our sensory data aside and simply label it walking/running/swimming/etc./skiing/biking/etc. you get the picture I am sure.  One thing that begins to shed light on the difference is the way these actions are viewed by a layman and an athlete.  the layman, will for the most part not think twice about how the pain in the ankle caused by running on the weekends is due to his/her age.  The athlete would take the time to analyze every aspect of the running, including not blindly pushing through the pain in the first place.  Everything matters! Everything matters is simply that.  If you do not walk with a focus, you leave your footfall to chance.  In leaving your footfall to chance, you are not determining how the energy burst is distributed through your body on each step.  I.E. when you step, you create a concussive force that then travels upwards through your body.  Some peoples neck pains are caused by poor foot alignment.  If this is too fantastic for you to imagine and i have to convince you of the method behind the statement, look at a car, what happens over time if the alignment is out? The alignment itself gets worse and begins affecting other parts of the car not originally affected when the problem was small and easily corrected. Now, you have uneven rotation on your rubber, damaged CV joints, excessive wear on the whole drive train etc. All because you didnt pay attention to the way your foot touched the earth.  Your body is the most advanced machine on the planet as far as ultra adaptable self contained units operating within a larger connected system of units. EVERYTHING YOU DO MATTERS. 2 Images of the foot so that you can begin to see the complexity, realizing of course that the foot is not moving, nothing is having to do any work in these pictures, once you incorporate movement, work, into the whole idea, everything changes…  I’ll re join you below, be amazed at the this thing, this thing that keeps you moving about, I know you couldnt make one!  And to this day, NO ONE HAS INVENTED ANYTHING CLOSE (and thats a fact, Honda is stoked they managed to get a robot to balance on one leg!)!               Wow, and this is only ONE (1) Angle!   So now we have taken a super cursory and brief tour of the foot.  Doesnt even begin to scratch the surface, and all of this machinery is controlled by your awareness to what is happening, your run is determined by how much you are able to focus and correct every strike of your foot to the earth.  It is through this we begin to see how, literally – EVERYTHING MATTERS!  What you ate, how much, if it is still in your intestines, how they affect the mobility of your hips which will in turn affect the motion of your thigh and its bones in relation to the knee joint which is balanced on the shin bones which are in turn working in concert with the ankle, which is on a literally fluid platform of flesh conforming to what ever it comes into contact with and correspondingly sending a signal back up through the leg in the form of a shockwave of energy from the impact to the earth.  It is spread out amongst the foot, through the ankle, up the shin bones, through the knee to the thigh bone, the hips and then it really starts to distribute throughout the rest of the systems, the internal organs, the bones, muscles, everything, all the way down to the rattle of your brain in your skull.  It all matters. If any one piece of this ultra machine is out of place, it immediately starts to negatively affect the other parts of the machine, if you step wrong, it will affect all the muscles and bones in your foot from working properly with your ankle, which will affect your shin bones from properly balancing the weight transfer to and from the knee, the  knee, wonder joint that it is, all kinds of things happen here if some tendon or ligament is weak, if the muscles are lax, on to the thigh bones and your whole stance, which muscles are the main ones pushing you forward, what is taking the shock, are your hips gliding, are they being bumped continuously, do you have a good gait, is your foot falling even, does your breath correspond with your movement…  so many things, most of us never think about even once. Please know that we are made as a species to run, recent scientific research shows us to be very much in tandem with the muscularity of a Horse!  We are made to cruise.  An important thing to remember in your training is the difference between pain and growing pains.  Pain is your bodies way of saying that you will cause damage to the whole if you continue doing what you are doing, at this point only if you are practicing a feat of heroism for the benefit of anothers good should you continue to push on.  Growing pains are discomforts that you “know” are not from something going wrong, but things slowly going right.  You are moving in the right direction, you’re sore, this part has a slight ache, you need to “get the lead out”, continue on that path.  Still being cautious lest you tire yourself out so much you ruin your training rhythm and have to take a few steps back in intensity.  Be the tortoise, slow and steady with your training and in no time you will have formidable power and will only have the sky as your limit.   TBC   Aloha!