what happens in my head after a good vegan meal…

Do you see it? All the magic around you?

Do you understand that you are made of magic and love and life? Because until you understand this, you won’t be fully alive, you won’t be able to experience real health. I’m not talking hippie-crap. I’m talking about the logic, mathematically proofed fact: you are connected with everything that exists and you being alive and breathing is inexplicable, a miracle.

You have the ability and even more than that, it is your responsibility making your life amazing and full. And if it sounds overwhelming or… like hippie-crap, then let’s get more practical. You are responsible for not getting sick. You are responsible for exercising, eating healthy, taking care of your planet. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR BEING HAPPY.

Happiness and health are not a luxury or a dream. They are your lesson in life, or at least one of the big ones. So, take time for laughing a bit every day, even better if it’s out loud, and at least once a week laugh until your stomach hurts or you almost pee yourself. Yes, I did said pee, if it sounds weird, then start getting used to some weirdness in your life. You are weird. Turns out all those classmates in school were right: You are WEIRD. Just like everybody else. And guess what: that is awesome.

Until about two years ago I finally learned one of the most important lessons in my life, one that my mom has been trying for years to get through my stubborn head. Not that I am a master at this now, but just by understanding and accepting this, is a lot: it’s not easy being positive, being kind and friendly to others. It’s not easy to stay in a good mood when things don’t turn out how you expect. Positive and happy people are not like that just because, it doesn’t happens like magic. You have to work hard for it. Everyday, a constant effort. Until it becomes a habit, and eventually a reality. And even then there will be days when you will still feel like crap, consider those like “homework days”. And you have to do your homework.

So, for your own sake: get out and walk barefoot, smile to a stranger, if they don’t smile back you will at least get a laugh by freaking them out. Eat healthy, but when you have your ice cream DON’T FEEL GUILTY, enjoy it with all it’s naughtiness. Be naughty, just like you were at 4 years old. Kiss and touch your partner every chance you have… and get naughty with him/her every chance you have. Tell him/her that you love them. Enjoy your body, if you keep it healthy it will give you all types of pleasures, it will allow you to experience freedom, power, magic, life!…  Have fun. This last one is a must in Sunday. (and Monday even if it means going back to work!) Love your work. If you don’t remember the last time you were excited about going to work, quit. Don’t stress about money. When it happens give yourself fifteen minutes of total freak out -try to do it in a private place, but then focus and stop being so dramatic. Hug a tree… yesss hug a tree and please stop pretending you don’t want to just because you worry people will think you’re weird. (we already covered that point but just in case you already forgot: you ARE weird, now get over it)