Patagonia – Ventura, California


Patagonia represents one of my first detours from the norm when it came to getting help from people.  I was fed numerous times, with really great food from their cafeteria, got to spend a few hours with Mr. C. Bro and learn about the company from the inside out, got to have a tour and meet many wonderful – VERY HAPPY – workers…. seriously, if I was in the market for a great company to work for, this may be the one.  Their commitment to the environment and all creatures great and small is evident in everyone you meet there.

The quality of product is beyond reproach, the cutting edge ideas, what a great place, the only downside, they make such a good product, that someone decided to steal my H2No jacket 7 days after I was given it!

Ah well, for the time I had it, I was stoked=]  Cheers and three cheers again to Patagonia, a company with a heart and a soul!  You are rare and appreciated!  Aloha Patagonia, thanks for everything!

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