Kaenon (Ninja Eye Wear)


Chris Bornstein_La Ventana_2218We had to remind ourselves we were wearing glasses, it kinda just felt like we gained superhuman sight and were seeing the world for the first time=] THANKS Kaenon for making such a SWEET set of shades (Hard Kore and Soft Kore with the C12 lens).

We want to thank Chris W. and Kaenon for making a really rad product.  Its your eyes, one cannot state how important they are.  I started my ride with no glasses and within a month I was wearing whatever I could find, imagine your eyes are your windshields, now think abut all the cracks that happen to your car, same thing happens to your eyes.  Upon arrival in the Monterrey area I was given a pair of Kaenons and everything changed for me, literally.  Now we are most sublimely fortunate to have Kaenon helping us on our journey.

This is one of the most important investments for you as it protects your eyes! We personally treat these glasses like a holy grail.  Your eyes are your windows to the soul so keep them SAFE! Below is a video explaining the genius behind the magic.  Enjoy!

These are the best glasses that have graced the bridge of my nose, and graced it with the slightest whisper of weight for an entire off road run/bike/climb…..  These shades and the rest of the world are where we are headed.   MAHALO!

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