Papaya Seeds and Lattes on a budget…

Super quick one today…..  2 tips.


The first is using papaya seeds.  Eat your papaya and save all the seeds, evenly spreading them out on a plate to dry in the sun in the windowsill.  After about a week, place the seeds in a mortar/pestle or a coffee grinder and viola!  You now have a spicy pepper substitute that will help you digest your food!


Two, the french press you use to make your coffee.  It also makes the froth for your latte.  I’m veganized, so I use soy/almond/rice etc milk.  Brew your coffee/tea/etc, place it in a cup and use a thermos to keep the rest fo the contents hot, pour milk in the french press, pump it up and down until you get the desired amount of foam, and, again, viola!  You’re set, and the foam will last a very long time in your cup, its the real deal=]


Aloha and enjoy your life!


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