Wine ‘n stuff…

Yesterday I took my dad for the first time to check out the wine. I gave him a bit to taste a few weeks back, but the whole experience of going to the Guadalupe Valley, tasting straight from the barrel, comparing with other wines, then taste again… is another thing. Also, he’s a tough judge SPECIALLY when it comes to wine, coffee, literature, food, music, what else?!…  and I really wanted his opinion. The verdict: a quiet nod, a little smile and a “it’s good”, that translates as an A+.

I’m not a fan of tempranillo wine, but have to say, it is coming very nice! -with an Indian style head wobble! the color is deep and rich, with complex flavors developing and the barrel is doing it’s thing. We manage to find a second use Hungarian oak barrel, the most common are American and French oak, but we wanted something different, wonder why  🙂   Chances are, we’ll keep it for another six months or so in the barrel, but even since now it’s really good… for real, not just because it’s my baby hahaha…

It seems to be an on/off situation with alcohol. It makes me think about the whole issue that alcohol is in the yoga world, you know, NO alcohol, NO meat, NO this or that. For me, being healthy is a ‘going with the flow’ situation. Noticing how my body and soul are feeling moment by moment and act accordingly. With this in mind, I don’t like to call myself ‘vegan’, ‘yogini’, ‘vegetarian’ or what ever. What I am today will change tomorrow, maybe. It’s more a matter of awareness. Working moment by moment to open my eyes and be perceptive…  way easier said than done!… and way more challenging than just being good and doing “the right thing”. In my personal point of view, that is the point of yoga and other similar practices. To open your eyes and learn to be free; aware and free. Or at least a tiny little bit more than you were yesterday.

So cheers!! … can you imagine a healthier, fuller experience than sharing with your father your organic red wine in the local community school under the beautiful blue sky of the Guadalupe Valley? I dare you!!


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