Fire night, beer and exercise…

We’re having fire night tonight… I love fire night… and now even more, when everyone is back to reality after Christmas madness and New Year’s party perdition… back to reality sucks for most. For Chris and I it’s super cool since we get to pick up old Christmas trees and make fire night.

My best friend from high school who I will name “Socorro de los Lamentos Fuentes de las Rosas” to protect her identity (love my Mexican ninja style there?) and I had the most cheesy-girlie friendship. No, you’re not understanding. I mean all teenager drama “Felicity” type cheesy. Have to say now from the beginning that finding someone with who you can be yourself to that level is super ultra cool… for real.

Did everything together: homeworks -more than twice I copied hers, cried, got drunk for the fist time, joined the soccer team in a time where there was no female team in high school (imagine how happy the guys were with two not very athletic girls in the team… yes, and it was a private school), did all the cheerleader stuff -for about a week. Got my very first magic herbs for my birthday gift and turned out to bring me the inspiration to learn about medicinal herbs later on. Wrote letters to each other to be opened 15 years later. Remember those times? When we actually WROTE to each other? We figured 15 years was enough time for becoming our future version of ourselves. You know what I mean?…  I know you do. I have spent the past 13 years learning how to forget about this future version and getting to know the present one. You can add that to another reason I am joining Pedaling for Peace.

I have Socorro in my head right now because in my mental list of the very select few items I am to take with myself for the ride and be pedaling around with it’s her letter. And a wine bottle opener.


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