Day 1: Exercise/lifestyle routine modification in preparation for March departure.

We will be logging/blogging our daily fitness routines and dietary thoughts/implemenations.

We would love it if people would follow along with us and give feedback so we may make a more concise and all around program to help individuals become healthier, live freer more satisfying lives and begin to take back their own personal power so that they may have a greater impact on the people they surround themselves by.   the greatest way to change the world, is to be the change you most wish to see.  As natural beings we must learn to return to basics, to nature as it were.  Given our current state of affairs, many of us do not know how to best take care of thier bodies, minds and even souls.  Through daily practice and a pursuit of knowledge dealing with the human body and it’s myraid interactions with the mind and soul, we seek to help give a solid platform that any individual may use to begin thier personal journey towards satisfaction of the basic human question, “Why am   I   Here?”.

It is difficult if not impossible to answer this question if you battle daily with stress, health problems, unbridled wants and desires..

What we are doing here is doing the things we are writing and speaking about.  We are not preaching a teaching without walking a walk.  This would be hypocritical and on a deep level would upset the trust factor in what we write about.

We began our day with a light cleanup of the house, a clean house is a reflection of a clean mind.  Your surroundings, especially your territory represent to varying degrees, your internal climate/situation.  Let this sink in.

Cup of coffee with Almond Milk made in a french press, coffee was a quality kind, La Estacion from Coatepec in Veracruz

Too much coffee, not a good things, there are many interactions that occur int he body due to the concentration of caffeine in coffee.  In many traditional medicines it is shunned in favor of teas.  I do not mind it if it is quality, not expensive, this is not a representation always of quality when it comes to all things ingested.  Go for good and as close to chemical free as possible.  Coffees that are artificially de-caffeinated, or heavily processed are very bad for the body, further, the reaction from the chemical processing both with the caffeine itself in the coffee and your bodie is very hard on your body to the point that it is not recommended.  You are only tearing down the walls of your palace for, at most, a 30 minute fix.  HIGHLY UNWISE.

Barefoot run on the beach, Playa Municipal –

Barefoot running is precisely that. Running barefoot. The reason for this is that the human body, as will all bodies in nature, the fish, the bear, the puma, the hummingbird, the Chihuahua, all life is best suited for the environment without the thought of covering it up. You are designed to be perfect, naked. As we expand out populations, we go to places that require clothing due to the adversity it gives our bodies. Our social customs require clothes, and depending on where you are, more or less, both unwritten and law…. This applies so expressly to our feet, an area of the body so often overlooked until there is a problem, and yet, I cannot think of a more pivotal area of the body, pun intended, as it connects you to the planet you live on.
The foot is made up of a profoundly surprising number of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerve pathways, one of the most tightly compacted bundle of tiny things int he body with such a huge effect should any one part be cut off from the rest of the picture. Usually we do this with shoes.
Shoes make the foot safer to a degree. When used CONSTANTLY, we see that a gradual degenration of mobility, flexibility, range of motion, increase in chance of injury, in finitum (etc.), occurs. This is due to the foot becoming complacent as it is overprotected and fails to function properly. key joints and motions in the foot become sloppy and weak, totally reliant on the shoe for the support it once had to provide entirely by itself. In fact, I believe that if you kept a babies feet continually covered from birth, you would cause serious trouble indeed!
The same applies to us at any age. The more our feet are cut off from true feeling, the weker they become in relation to the whole. When I speak of the whole, i refer to the kinetic chain. This is the sequence of movement in the body from point of contact throughout the whole. With the feet. You take a step, as the foot connects to the earth, every bone, muscle, ligament, nerve, tendon, activates all the way throughout the rest of the body. If they did not we would simply topple over, we couldnt move, the music of the symphony of our body would be in discord and nothing would happen. Everything must interact according to design. For istance, any mechanical device, a clock for instance, can withstand the malfunctioning of any one part, there are a few that simply cannot malfunction, just as in human bodies, for the most part, the clock, like the body can handle a certain degree or range of space in regard to functionality. BUT, ever movement away from “perfect”, results in a loss to the overall mechanism, as in the human body. The more your feet muscles/bones, etc. move away from working as designed due to getting untrained by shoes that seek to do the work of the foot and keep it continuously cushioned, the weaker teh foot gets, the more the rest of the body has to compensate for your improper gait (stride) and the greater the loss in precision. For a clock this would result in the clock running faster, slower, skipping minutes etc.
All of these minor conditions will continue to add up until the strain they place on the rest of the mechanism causes other links in the chain to begin to deteriorate as well.
Is this making sense?
This is why we jog/run/walk barefoot AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!
Todays jog was taken at a slow pace, in soft sand for roughly 3 miles. The sand was warm which is key for me on any barefoot mission, when the surface is cold, it creeps right up into your kidney area and literally drains your energy, in Chinese medicine, it eneters through the Kidney 1 point –

The Jing Well. I am sensitive to this and prefer warmth. Currently in the house I am walking barefoot which is cold, and yet i suffer it (lightly used phrase) in order to become stronger.
When running barefoot, initially you must take a lot of concentration, do not push yourself, the muscles and machinery of the foot are more than likely out of shape and the rest of the kinetic chain is usually adapted to your “Shoe” lifestyle and will therefore be out of condition as well. GO EASY ON THIS PATH. Be easy with yourself. Give tiem to literally allow your body to remember how to walk properly. Do not over analyze, BUT, stay very FOCUSED on your walking and feeling. Go through your research and figure out how you want you foot to strike the earth so that it is anatomically correct. Read, remember and practice. As time passes, walk/run/jog/hike/climb etc., greater and greater distances and times.
Many knee aches, lower back pains, shoulder and neck pains will be relieved and if enough barefoot walking is done, you will not only lose your pain, you will also start to reverse negative processes at work and begin healing. Bunions, joint issues, you will be able to avoid repetitive foot surgeries. You will strengthen your foot. Avoiding future need for surgery as you have corrected the cause of the problem and NOT the Symptom.
Also focused on was stretching in the sand. Simply getting comfortable with being sandy is for me a challenge at times. Stretching and a lot of stomach work. Your tummy is your core, your core is what keeps you balanced. It allows you to stand on one foot, to move through the world, to change the energy of air/food (earth)/water into energy, or Fire. Your container for this fire must be strong, as it is the fire of life, you must contain it in a proper container, lest you lose it unnecessarily.

Later this afternoon, we will have left overs consisting of mushroom risoto with extra mushrooms, some stir fried greens, nutritional yeast, and dulce flakes.

Letr, we will do a combination of yoga and kung fu.

Tomorrow we will do much the same. We will more than likely run in a different area, one that requires shoes, do some rock climbing, and, well, we’ll see.

We are very excited to share this with you from day one. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and dont push yourself to pain. Intense tired is O.K., as it goes away very quickly with a rest in between sets. Pain is not O.K., a tired that leaves you feeling wasted and spent, not O.K. Be NICE TO YOUR SELF! Take time, everyday, as Master Bruce Lee says, “Do more than the day before”.
Easy, start small, grow your body to be a tree of life, huge and strong, it takes time, it takes time all day everyday, focus on your posture even when you site, focus on chewing your food slowly being thankful that you have it, you must focus on EVERY aspect of your life if you want to change your life. Do you understand?

Much love and Aloha to you!

Upon return, we had fruit smoothies with Vitamineral Green, a supplement from Health Force Nutrition, raw cacao (raw chocolate – contains theobromine, when heated turns to caffeine, more on this later), and hemp seeds.
Taken within 30-45 minutes, your body is able to use this in the rebuild process, after this time frame, your body is in repair mode and usually does not allow any new members to the party, so the smoothie does not have as much beneficial impact.Después de unas largas vacaciones en las que nos dejamos perder un poco en el hedonismo (por plantearlo de alguna manera leve) y nos dedicamos a  soñar en la cocina preparando aquellas recetas que siempre dejamos para ocasiones especiales por complejas o monchosas, a quedarnos en cama hasta tarde y usar pijamas todo el día, a disfrutar de los vinos y cervezas locales; después de todo, es nuestra primera Navidad juntos y seguramente la última en un buen tiempo en nuestra casa, y ya que la familia esta fuera, ya esta cerrado el estudio de yoga y nos quedamos solos, pues a disfrutar!!…  como quiera, ya es hora de regresar a nuestro estilo de vida un tanto mas sano y activo.

Empezamos además a prepararnos para estar en el mejor estado de salud posible cuando salgamos de Ensenada en Marzo. Esto quiere decir: es hora de entrenar como nos gusta!  comenzando por reparar los daños hechos en las últimas semanas 😛

Nuestro régimen incluye cardio (sobre todo corrida y bicicleteada), fuerza y flexibilidad (ashtanga, kung fu, escalada), meditación, pranayama y por supuesto: un régimen alimenticio vegano y basado en alimentos vivos, locales, orgánicos -kilos y kilos de verduras principamente verdes, mucha fruta, leguminosas, semillas y superalimentos. Hoy comenzamos con una rica taza de café orgánico, seguida de un un trote descalzo en la playa de 5 kilómetros, abdominales, licuado de fresa, plátano y naranja con espirulina, polen de abeja, semillas de chía y trozos de granos de cacao. Una breve introducción al ashtanga; quizás un poco de Kung Fu mas tarde; sopa de betabel con manzana y rissoto de champiñones, meditación y guacamole con ejotes y agua de kiwi con VitamineralGreen [un polvo verde de la marca “Health Force Superfoods” (]. Hasta nos dio tiempo de limpiar la casa!

Cuándo fue la última vez que corriste descalzo? que sentiste una textura distina a la de tus zapatos en la piel de tus pies? poca gente esta conciente de la naturaleza del cuerpo humano. Estamos diseñados para correr, a través de miles de años cazando, migrando, celebrando la vida conectados con la tierra. Y ahora vivimos con los pies aisados dentro de zapatos las 24 horas del día atrofiando puntos importantes de nuestro cuerpo…  vaya, que les daremos mucha mas información sobre este tema mas adelante…  esto me lleva al siguiente punto: queremos compartir nuestro entrenamiento con ustedes!!…  para quienes estén lejos al menos compartiendo en el blog lo que comemos y como entrenamos, dando información nutricional, etc… y quienes estén en Ensenada quizas nos acompañen de vez en cuando en sesiones de yoga, corriendo en la playa, etc…  a compartir un inicio del año que nos beneficie a todos.


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