Eureka, the meaning of Life….yeah write…. Aiieeee!

As I sit here, begrudgingly letting the waves of self guilt and anger at having realized for the trizillionth time at how I actively partake in NOT utilizing my time/gifts to the best.  And writing about not using them for the best, which may be for the best….

For instance, while yes, i am a man (used loosely) on a bicycle mission around the world, given my past years of life, i could just as easily be a self made billionaire doing the very same thing and this would actually bring much more light to what I am doing, where instead, i must content myself to being a moron who is not ignorant of his affliction and get along as best i can.  Woe unto me (I’m reading Don Quixote presently, this speech will slip in from time to time) for this day that again i find myself wasting in even the words at which I speak about myself.  I trust you wont mind if a lot of the ‘i’s’ are not capitalized.  Did i ‘ize’ the right capitol for that matter….  Sigh…

The meaning of life as promised in the Header of this narrative.

Well, we all know it, it is some odd conglomeration of the Golden Rule, more or less, Do Unto Others as You Would Have Done Unto You…. the kind and truly deep and thought provoking words given by Ghandi, “be the change you most wish to see in the world.”

That dosnt sound right at all, part of it, but, scratch that, good maxims to live by, not Meaning of Life…..  Also not a Cute little fuzzy Bunny….

Thay have fangs.

I get it now, the meaning, all thse things, unfortunately I also see the problem.  D O I N G.  And I mean, doing ANY of it.  Goodness, just before sitting to type I had the unfortunate occasion to use the toilet and, the very reason for me saying unfortunate, when in fact it is most fortunate I have no problems, EXCEPT, the fact that my bits and pieces are swollen like an oddly shaped balloon, or at the very least, last moment addition to the Frankenstein Monster, expertly stolen from Victor Jr’s playdough container and splotched in place just before throwing the switch and… ITS ALIVE.

And the itching!,, Good Gods!  I tell you this intimate detail as I just returned this afternoon from a Dematologist who happens to be very good friends with Diana (you would know her as Little Monkey her in Bloggers paradise).  Do you know what he said about my condition….?

You know what, Guess what he said…..

10 minutes pass…..

I have dermatitis brought on by stress.  I have a rash because I am unable to control the thoughts in my OWN HEAD to the point that they manifest as Franken-penis.  This of course opens up the doors to many avenues of interpretation, how do i feel about my sexuality pertaining only to me and being a man, pertaining to partners I choose, to the sex act, to my father, to my fathers interaction with my mother, to my mother, to the current super rad lady i am dating, to how I think she may feel about me, to what i feel about my ability to change things which I perceive as ‘bad’ or ‘unjust’, general stress brought on by the news…infinitum! As you can see, this is a basic list, and if we take time, we could dig so deep that by the time we found what truly brought about said Franken-Weiner, we would be well nigh on many thousands of words and quite tired of typing, and no less tired of course, of reading.  Everything in Your world is interconnected, even if it seems that it is not, it is because your world is made up of two things, What you percieve through your 5 senses, which we all know is immediately called to question.  The police know very well, 5 witnesses all see the same crime, 5 stories that generally only have a few similarities with one another, but are otherwise, very different.  The very way we look, I use look broadly to cover all sensory input (look, touch, smell, hear, taste, and some speak of extra sensory), the very way we look upon the world is skewed.  Its like having the most powerful super computer even imagined and then always inputting information which only resembles what you are truly trying to input to get a certain answer!

On the other hand, in wiriting this I am proud to tell you that in mexico you can expect to get medical advice from SUPER MEGA ULTRA KNOWLEGEABLE Doctors for fractions of the cost, healthcare is actually affordable here!  Under 100 dollars to see a Dermatologist and get all the medicines needed.  This come in the form of anti-itch pills, the only pill in the group, and the first such things I have taken in this form outside of a vitamin in the last 10 years.  Imagine the itching.

Calamine lotion, and some super almond oil pharmaceutical grade all natural skin healing cream round out the meds with a super concentrate refrigerated Manzanilla (chamomille) tea for cleaning.

First we are shaky with how we are able to perceive the world we live in, this is of course due to our thought trains which are directly part of how we viewed things previously to this viewing, which was skewed by the viewing before and again…infinitum!  Does that make sense?  We view the river differently every time we get out of the river and view it, the only flaw in this logic is the river, much like the river of life is ever changing.  Once you get out and contemplate the river (of life), the very river you are contemplating is now different, so your view based on the river you got out of no longer applies in many instances, all of which are very important.  Realize this as you look out into you own personal rivers of life.

Secondly, your world is made up by what you create in your head.  So, here, an example, well, not really, just a sequence map….

The Stimulous enters your Sensory Array (i think the word array is pretty cool) through one of multiple senses.  Immediately it is skewed by our human nature (river contemplation), judging things based upon our history with what we are currently enthralled in, be it a ride on a roller coaster or simply waiting for a red light to turn green.  You judge everything based on how you ‘knew it”.  For instance, the red light, if the timing was changed on this red light by 10 seconds, you may notice that you are getting ancy waiting for the light to change, or, if they (whoever does that stuff to the signal lights) made the red last 10 seconds less, you may have the feeling that you were caught off guard, or were not ready…  Even if you do not realize how you view the world, little tests like this will let you know that some – one/thing is paying very close attention to EVERYTHING in your world.

So stimulus goes in and once inside, it is now judged conciously as well as unconciously.  Never is it just as it is, no, now, we judge it, “as it is pertaining to me”.  Again, the red light.  It may be fast or slow depending on what we remember and now, even more importantly where we are in the process of our day.  Late getting back to work, F’ing light is so slow!  Have all day on a Sunday, you may not even register that the light is red as you simply dont care today.

So based on what happened and what is happening, we can cast judgement on what simply is.  Do you see how this could lead to some very serious problems, especially when you multiply this by a planet full of people all seeking the same thing, peace within themselves yet judging everything based on what was.

That the woman I am in love with has not recoiled in abject shock and terror of my water expulsion/baby making equipment only further drives the monkeys in my mind to chatter how sub par I am and how, for her sake (The false lover Martyr monkey) i should hit the high road and have a fine navy day…..  – I – recoil in shock to look at the poor visage my little bits and pieces currently cast, to give you a better idea, the shadow puppet would like a…a…. sigh, enough, you understand I am sure…

The best thing we can do while on this planet is get control of our minds, and until such a time as we are not our own worst enemy, we should be “oh so very” cautious in our dealings with the planet and other people.  I say this to you because it is so very important and every time I have occasion to relieve my bladder, i will think about it until such a time that my ‘junk’ returns to its original size…. Oh hey……………………………………………………                 WAIT A SECOND!

Kidding, it sucks and i will be quite happy to return to my “just shy of diminutive” (false modesty humble monkey=) stature.=]  Aloha!

Day 2-  (scene opens in home, me applying calamine lotion)…

Diana has returned from her baby shower and sprinkled some womens wisdom on me…  For instance, in keeping with the light hearted narrative above, Franken things included, when you think of the meaning of life, one great guage truly is to look the impact of the decision based upon children, be they yours or others.  One conversation that came up was diapers, disposible, versus, biodegradeable, versus, cloth you wash…  If you look at the numbers for disposable diapers that hit the landfills each year in the US and canada alone, and these are old numbers;,


Imagine… I say imagine, because I am not going to take away a very quality virtual learning experience for you.  See the difference in births from the most recent, and yet oldest number listed.  Add that to the difference in the amount of babies born now, to get your new yearly total of diaper users, multiply by the most common average number of diapers per day, convert to tonnes based on average weight.  Include in this learning what your precious angels pee and pooh do when left to rot in the open, extrapolate this data and look into the future of what that means, the amount of trash, the combined eco impact of the natural, part alone, the pooh and pee – #’s 1,2), add to that the varying degrees of toxicity from the diapers them selves and reflect.  You have a gigantic, N O N bio-Degradeable, tonnes heavy, miles thick mass of festering toxic sludge, oh, forgot to mention that all the vaccines, anti-biotics, everything that goes into a baby, ends up here.  As it comes undone, the bactieria feed off of all this, you can imagine the situation that is born, flies, creepy critters, super bacteria made so from all the antibiotics creating a sludge breeding ground for many kinds of NEW things.   Hmmmmmmmmmm…

Reflect for the next little bit.  I would truly be happy if you let this sink waaaaaaaaaaay deep down into the well of you mind…. let your mind wonder through an immense sea of trash which is all connected to things you do at home everyday, but when you add to that all the other people doign the same thing, it becomes and endless and vast stream of trash pouring in all over the world 24 hours a day…

So diapers.  What do we do?  In each choice there are pros and cons depending on who is looking at the situation.. Disposable is easy, though I am raising as child so does easy matter, washables can be made with cotton, so super good for baby skin, etc etc…

If we are seeking the answer to what is best to do in Life, as it pertains to the meaning of Life which was most definitely already covered by Monty Python, Buddha, Christ, Mohammed, Kali, Vishnu, etc., we see that we should choose, or pass judgement, in regard to the best possibe fate for all those involved.  Our involvement is the selection and changing of diapers, shoudl we choose washables, we must also choose a proper detergent to not simply rob Paul to pay Peter, or was peter the one with the cash and we have to rob him first…

You choose disposables, now you have an extra cost upfront which may be considerable given your current financial condition.  IF YOU HAVE CABLE TV AND DO NOT BY THE MORE EXPENSIVE DISPOSABLE DIAPERS, please continue reading.

Ultimately, the decision comes to what is best for the child.  While the child may or may not remember the kind of diapers it wore. I was told I was in washables, then disposables, I cannot honestly recall either one and really do not believe I carry a ‘grudge’ of any sort towards my parents about either choice.

At this point the conversation for which diaper to wear turns towards us.  if we are fairly certain that the child will be stoked either way, then we can pull that piece out of the equation, it leaves us and the planet.

I’m guessing you can see which way it will go from here.  Whiel I do understand in a way, i have never experienced it first hand, raising a child, nor do i recall much of my youth, save for the feeling that i gave my parents many grey hairs, every one of which I am humbled for.  A sinner int he face of gods to give what they did of thier lives for my sake, so I may have a life.  If I am here today, it is because of them, regardless of what i recollect about the experience, here I/you are.

So they are rad folks and many decisions they made were made with MY F U T U R E in mind.  Would a child be more stoked that you saved yourself time in changing them, and if you have CABLE, then you have time, time = money, cable = money, ergo cable = time.

Your child wold be well stoked to agree that they would MUCH RATHER you take the extra moments per diaper, and take the time to launder, have laundered (VERY CHEAP), re-useable diapers, which turn out to be less per peice than disposibles, to the tune of saving money after 6 months.  Child wears diapers for how long?  6 months, goodness, I could save = QUITE A BIT.  Expand view, I COULD SAVE quite a bit of LAND, SPACE, OTHER PEOPLES TIME, BABIES FUTURE, MY CHILD BEING ABLE TO SEE fuzzy critters in real life….  TO SEE GREEN GRASS, Blue Skies, BIG White ClouDS….  To see rays of sun filtering through big white clouds onto green grass….

Saving….  My child’s future happiness at being able to have a nice planet and the ability to raise their own family should they so decide.

This is a great chance for a word problem!!  Get your thinking caps on….

Deep down you know that if the population is dying and the use of NON RENEWABLE resources is quickly coming to a point in the graph where one of the three will be taken out of the equation due to a natural occurence of the one of the others:

1.  Humans

2.  Natural Resources

3.  Conversion of natural resources for human consumption

4.  Animals (really think about this one for a second… please)

Hmmmmm.  My Spidey sense is tingling………

Its all about ones essence, dig?  I like that, you dig, you pickin up what I’m puttin down, or a better one, you smellin what I’m sh&!  Sorry, family style….

Your essence, Rumi, the poet –, many thanks to Wikipedia and thier appeal, please read, it is important, it pertains to indformation, without information, the mind cannot create wonder and retain magic.  if you take away information, you take a way from the palette in which we color our lives a sea of color, you take away Knights and princesses, Dragone, witches good and bad, rainbows, happiness joy, wonder and most important to the human souls growth, as with any growth, hope, for it is where things grow we find hope, for the man lost in prison, as he bends his head to the chopping block of his executioner for a crime he didnt commit, for a moment his eye lights upon a speck of green growing through the cracks of the cobbled crossroad.  Life, it is hope, it is information, our very beings, rife with seemingly indestructible DNA, information, an entire map of one fo the greatest machines comprised of Man God and Nature.  Nothing compares to it.  We have that information, keep it free. – and then read the personal appeal at the top of the page=]

Still under construction….