Second day of fasting, change in plans, Little Monkey will give better details, but here goes=]

We are changing to a leafy green soup based diet in stead of our master cleanse mix [lemon, water, cayenne and agave or maple syrup], this is primarily due to my extreme edginess, and of course, Dianas kindness, she was doing fine, doing yoga, not complaining, I on the other hand, suffice to say, we are now working with plan B.  Soups made from leafy greens, onion is apparently O.K. as are the 5 serrano chiles in the mix=]

Part of the reason is the cold, I was getting so cold that I wasnt doing ANYTHING, thats not a good sign.  I want to do the yoga and kung fu, its important, again, in the words of Tom Petty, if you dont run, you rust.  Well, no rusting here Sir.

I’m hoping Ninja Monkey will add her Ayurvedic, Scientific explanations, one, so you get a clearer picture of what is happening and the Who what when where and why of things, and of course to help you keep me afloat in your estimation of me=]

All of this being said, my empathy for people who are starving has just reached new heights after only two days living in comfort.  I truly cannot imagine what it must be like to be cold hungry and afraid not knowing where ones next meal will come from.  I hope I never do.  I hope that we will enable others to forget these pains and fears through the grace of god, otherwise, what is it we are doing if not helping our brothers and sisters…


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