Teas, netti pot, diet shifts, etc etc etc etc and blah blah blah the fasting begins!

It begins, we ate the last of our food in th refrigerator, at least the last of the things that would not survive the next week…

Tomorrow we start fasting.  This will be for a total of 5-6 days, right around the amount of time that you can still live a fully functional life AND get the superb healing benefits of letting your bodies digestive system rest.  There are many studies, even studies of holocaust survivors (for those of you reading who may not know, the Holocaust refers to the Germans, under the leadership of Nazi German Dictator, Hitler.  He killed 6 million+ people, primarily Jews, though many races would come to die before his armies.  To this day no one truly knows why he did it.  Educate yourself A L W A Y S).  These studies have shown that reducing your bodies intake of food prolongs life, allows for a healthier life, and has benefits far exceeding our current knowledge.

It has (fasting) been used to cure illness successfully, as a spiritual practice and I would recommend it to everyone as I believe most of us have a vastly confused idea of self and our an even more confused idea about ourselves in relation tot he rest of the world.  For example, we speak of “starving children in Africa”, these are words, essentially meaningless as many of us eat three meals MINIMUM a day.  One of the many reasons why nothing is done in countries where people are starving, is the countries that can help are full of people who are not starving so they do not see the urgency of helping out their fellow human beings.  My first fast lasted 5 days, I truly at points thought I was going to pass out etc.  never once did i feel that I would D I E.  And yet, people die of this EVERYDAY.

Fasting brings a reality to the situation that you currently find yourself in.  You will have a more defined sense of self, you will see that you are so very much tougher than you currently think you are.  There is a true power that comes from being string enough to NOT EAT.  And yet, you continue to ive life, in fact, you will feel GREAT!  I know this may sound hard to believe, and yet, anything that you do not know, that affects basic foundations of your life are usually as difficult.

My eyes were opened to how much I over ate, upon doing research – A L W A Y S D O Y O U R O W N R E A S E A R CH.  There is power in gaining knowledge for the self, not simply believing what someone says.

Upon doing research, I saw that not only was I living in a surreal world, further, i was doing my body a terrible disservice that currently has and will have in the future serious ramifications to the tune of me dying before I would otherwise have been able to live!

Let me expplain this part.  You see, food is digested by enzymes.  When you eat RAW FOODS, your body does not need to produce these digestive enzymes in the amounts for COOKED FOODS.  Producing enzymes is work, work takes energy, energy is what gives you life.  To use it to digest food, well, you are effectively withdrawing from your bodies “bank account”.  Depending on the food you eat, your withdrawals may be HUGE – i speak to those of us who choose to eat foods that are un-healthy for the body, foods that contain things that were made in a lab, not in the earth.  The more foriegn the substance is, the more your body has to do to get it out of you.  In many cases for those of us with very poor diets the ONLY THING we are feeding is our feeling of hunger, as far as nutrition, we are getting nothing and are in fact putting such a strain on the body that we are merely taking another shovel full of earth for our future grave with every meal we eat.

The point with eating is to receive more energy from the food you eat than it took to digest it.   – KEY POINT _ Everyone is different, you MUST do you own research in order to come up with the best possible way of eating for you.  There are points that apply to all humans however.

A. The food you eat is best when it is as close to nature as possible.  I.e. organically grown carrots fresh out of the ground are healthier than non organically grown fresh out of the ground are healthier than out of a supermarket, are healthier than frozen from a giant commercial farm, are healthier than that orange twiggy things on a McDonalds salad, are healthier than anything made from non-natural, or synthetically produced foods that are lab made, not grown.  If this doesnt make sense, feel free to e-mail me.  Always eat the very best you can afford, and if you find that you cannot afford good food but have cable or anything that is non-essential to your life…  R E T H I N K Y O U R V A L U E S!

You A R E what you eat, nothing could be truer.  your body builds and repairs itself, i.e. continuously becomes you, based on what it has as building material.  Does this make sense.  if you have bad building material, you will end up with a bad product, this is bad news in any situation, when it comes to your body it is unacceptable.  You have the power over your body and what you eat, use it!

One last note I want to touch on before I continue about what we are doing with our bodies and lifestyles, beware what you eat.  There are companies who use very pretty packaging and very tricky practices, their foods are nothing short of poison.  It is imperative that you do your own research on this matter.  Places you can begin are the following.  General Mills, Kraft, Monsanto, Nestle and many others, start learning about what goes into making the foods you eat.  What are the business practices of the companies you are eating from, for instance, with Nestle, they have HUGE campaigns geared at getting women in 3rd world countries to not use breast milk, and instead use their formula.  Science tells us that thier is nothing healthier for a baby than it’s mothers milk.  We can then assume that they are doing this for monetary gain.  That they focus on 3rd world countries…. are you starting to see the picture i am trying to paint with words for you?  Do not eat food from companies that have no morals or scruples.  No good will come of it for you.

Lastly, Fully research and know ConAgra and Monsanto.  Learn what politicians still work for those companies and then look at the positions these people hold in YOUR government.  Now take a look at what they are actually doing with your food.  Combining fish DNA with tomatoes in order to lengthen shelf life… you dont NEED this i your diet, we dont even know what effect this has on the human body!  Know your food and know what it is doing to you!  NOW, back to MY story=]

So, we fast.  We will start tomorrow easy, with carrot juice in the AM.  FOr the rest of the day we will embark on the master cleanse.  Very simply, you drink ridiculous amounts of lemon, maple syrup and cayenne water.  This gives you energy and helps to detoxify the body at the same time putting an almost zero strain on your digestive system.  This allows your body to actually focus 100% on other areas.

Imagine, with the average person eating 3x a day and full digestion taking any where from 4-24 hours depening on what was consumed, most peoples bodies are in a CONSTANT state of work dealing simply with food!  No wonder we get sick, we are constantly tapping our resources and most of what we eat we dont even need!

So, we are resetting our systems to clean out, and purify our bodies and most importantly our minds.  Some of the greatest warriors, the Shaolin monks of China eat 2x a day and small meals at that.  trust me, whatever you are thinking, it is IN YOUR HEAD, YOU CAN CHANGE IT!

We also get back into the routine of Yoga, kung fu and running everyday.  Many people say they do not have time to do these things and yet we see that according to numbers and statistics, the average American watches 3 hours of TV a day.  MAKE TIME FOR YOUR BODY.

If you dont run, you rust – Tom petty

Bruce Lee jogged 2 miles a day.  Many scientists are beginning to believe that we are somehow related to horses in our physiognomy, essentially we are a species made to move, to run, we are born to run.  Yet most of us do not.

I will be utilizing a super cool method that I invite you to try wherever you are.  Start walking barefoot – A LOT!  Your feet were made to move.  If you have ever looked at a foot, it is an AMAZING and SUPER Complx bit of handiwork.  It supports your entire body and yet, it has some of the smallest muscles and bones in the entire body.  When we wear shoes, even socks apparently, again, according to Science, even reducing the nerve impulses to our feet – i.e. socks, we greatly reduce the foots ability to function and once any part of a LIVING SYSTEMS ability to function is impaired, it does what – DECLINES.  You do not want that which connects you to the EARTH to be in a constant state of decline…. do you?  No, you do not.  So what do you do?


Again, do your own research, you will see that by walking barefoot, you will slowly, and should you start this program, start slow, many of you may not realize what goes into walking due to all the outside support and cushioning due to your shoes, start very slow.  Build up to the point where you can run, for some this may take a whole year!  If you cannot run barefoot what does that tell you about your body.  If you cannot do something you were literally MADE to do, you need to fix that post haste, hasta pronto, ASAP, N O W.

Walks in grass are great, the beach is fantastic, be careful, you will have to, GASP, look where you are going so you dont hurt yourself.  You will have to pay attention to what you are doing.  mindless walking got me some very nice slices in my feet, lesson learned, now I am THERE when I walk.  Does this make sense?

My parents who live in a cold climate are currently walking barefoot around the gym – YMCA – in their hometown.  My Dad, typical dude of 70 has his walking shoes and is quite spry.  He walked barfoot for 1 mile and has never been more sore, he also recently started doing more shuffling with his walking.  Do you see a possible correlation.  years of wearing shoes have brought his feet to a state where they are unable to properly function and it is effecting his entire stride, shuffling.  So much so that merely walking 1 mile barefoot has him sore like he ran a marathon!

The point that I would like you to take from this is – HE IS CHANGING IN ORDER TO HEAL HIMSELF.  If a 70 year old man and woman can do it, why shouldnt you be able to?

We are walking barefoot in addition to Yoga and kung fu.  The Yoga and Kung Fu/Tai Chi will allow us to reach new levels within our bodies and mind.  Strength, speed, skill, fluid, all of this will come from a sustained practice.

We will be doing Ashtanga Yoga, Bagua Zhang Kung Fu and the 37 posture short from (Tai Chi)by Cheng Man Cheng.  Whatever you choose to do, always ensure that it focuses the mind as well as the body AND that it builds flexibility as well as strength.  Many people overlook flexibility, the greatest strength is that of flexibility, if you cannot bend, you will break.

Its taking so long to get this journal entry out that the fast has begun!  I can honestly admit that I am marginally excited at best.  That it is a super dark/grey rainy day or some reason makes this day easier for me.

Right now Diana is preparing or 1 liter, lets do it English style, 1 litre of salted water.  So 1 litre of water with 2 teaspoons of salt, not a whole lot, but enough that it gets things “moving” so to speak.  If it less that 2 teaspoons, the body may absord the water, you dont want that, if it is more, you may merely vomit it up, which is so not appetizing.  And here it is she says, “…your breakfast…”… sigh=]

Oh joy… half way….


Today we start our fast with juice, carrot juice.  One of her friends moved back to Mexico city so we scoored the toaster of the future and an archaic juicer.  As we all know, when it comes to kitchen appliances, if you get them second hand and they are pre 90’s, even better 70’s and early 80’s there is a chance they will outlive you.  Things were still made different.

As a side note.  Erich Fromm, German philosopher and general mental ninja noted in his book, to Have or to Be, that the language of the great state of America changed after WWII to reflect a throw away society and not one that repairs things.  OUR VERY LANGUAGE CHANGED….

So carrot juice so we dont waste the bag of carrots we got three days ago from the local organic farm winery…  Yes, Mexico rocks…

After that, more work on the website, yoga, kung fu, what else, lots of various teas i will write about.  Made from fresh herbs, usually the method will be to boil the water, once it has cooled a lil bit, add herbs, cover, wait 15, drink.  Since my nails are having a hard time and I have been dong some drinking, I will be making a lot of oat straw tea.  Super cheap and is, well, i will let Diana talk about all that as that is what she knows very well, I’ll inform her she is now to be journaling about that…

I’ve been using a netti pot to help with my allergies and general cleansing – video coming soon=]

She doesnt want to drink her salty water… HA!

Aloha for now…  be safe and enjoy your life, let today be a day where you do something different, say hit o a friend that is forgotten, to a neighbor ignored.  be noble in your thoughts and not ashamed of who you are.



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